Who's in your passenger seat?

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  1. I put coins in it, however it will fit a charging cable or ear buds as well!
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  2. New black beauty out for the first time. I am actually surprised by how much I LOVE this bag. Even my ten year old called dibs on it when she grows up haha!
    If you are on the fence about the dreamer I say- go for it.
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  3. That purse is such a beauty! It is on my wish list for next year.
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  4. Hitting the outlets with cadet Cooper today.
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  5. Taking my Christmas gift from hubby out for the first time ❤❤
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  6. how do you like the cooper? I've been looking at this online, but haven't made it into a store to try it out.
  7. I love it! Easy to carry and fits all my essentials. The opening I thought would be a pain, but is so easy to operate. No complaints so far :smile:
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  8. Thanks! That's good to hear. I am thinking about the sage color or the cadet.
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  9. So pretty! Like the name too! Are you a fellow Brewers fan?
  10. I have both, don't ask me to pick a favorite! At first it was cadet, but sage has really grown on me too. Love the pewter hardware
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  11. I'm in the passenger seat lol with this foldover clutch I had my oxblood rivets clutch all loaded up to use today, but it's really tight, like waay tighter than my 7 others of this style. It was a struggle to get my phone in there. I may have to send back. Just not sure if it'll loosen up with use. Anyone else has a rivets clutch?
  12. Twins on both! I have the Oxblood rivets clutch but unfortunately I have yet to use it. It's sitting in my Oxblood Rogue's side compartment. I'm not happy to hear that it's too tight to use. Lol! I'll have to fill it up and try to use it when I use my matching Rogue.
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  13. It just seems tight. I haven't tried the black one yet. The oxblood I struggled to get my bills in the slot and then my phone was such a tight fit.. I may need to break in, but obviously I don't want to use if it's not going to loosen up. I grabbed another one from my drawer and the gusseted part seems to pull out so much farther...i may need to investigate further.
  14. Oh my phone only fits if I take out of it's Otter case. I don't want to use the clutch as a phone wallet because it's annoying to have to open and take it out and put it back in. I am on my phone way too much because I use it for pretty much everything. The clutch sure wasn't designed with a phone in mind. A phone might fit in the large clutch though.
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  15. Hmmm my phone fits great in all the others and in its case. I put phone in front gusset pocket, id and debit card in slots and bills in front of cards. Zip pocket fits gum and chapstick. Front slip pocket fits a card case. I throw a crossbody strap on it and mostly use for nights out or trips to the casino This is the first one that's not working for all that so far. Maybe I got a dud lol.
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