Who's in your passenger seat?

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  1. Lol. I forgot to take the picture in my car in the parking garage. Too focused on mobile ordering my Starbucks this morning. Here is my color block Swagger 27 with added tassel. IMG_20181214_071718.jpg
  2. Still using my new Market tote in cloud. I really love how lightweight it is considering how big it is. 20181213_165431.jpg
  3. I just got mine today and I love it too.
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  4. Signature whipstitch Edie 42 with Chelsea Champlain skull charm.
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  5. I wish i loved the one I got. So nice
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  6. You don't love yours? Which one?
  7. I took it off my list after your bad review. Then Saks sent me a promo code that knocked it down to 60% off and I just had to try it. It definitely doesn't feel as nice as my all leather 42s but I love how lightweight it is!!
  8. It is light
  9. No. I returned. The siggy felt plastic like. Maybe I should try another
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  10. Metallic tea rose clutch. So pretty!
  11. I love those metal tea roses!
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  12. This is beautiful! The tea roses make it extra pretty!
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  13. In the passenger seat with my Rogue 25 and my new mouse coin purse DBF gave me for Christmas! 1545841581361.jpg
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  14. The mouse coin purse is adorable! I had it in my cart today. What do you put in it?
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