Who's in your passenger seat?

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  1. Is it too late to exchange for another one? I don't have the same one you do. Mine is the prairie rivets one.
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  2. No not too late... I'll see if the black rivets is tight too, It may be the design with the border rivets making it tighter... but I also just broke down and ordered chili duffle. Jan 1 begins my ban until SAS so gotta get in those last minute purchases ;)
  3. That's what I was thinking....the rivets may be making it a tiny bit smaller/inflexible. I have a black one but use it as a wallet and sadly, it is in a box....somewhere....unpacking is so much work! I'll probably still be unpacking a year from now! Means I don't need whatever it is but how could I say that about a Coach item???!!!
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  4. Tooled Tea Rose Bandit 39.

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  5. Nice! That purple lining is great for these dreary winter days....at least here in Cleveland. Been very overcast lately. I'm going to need to move in to a brighter bag!
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  6. First day out- DH bought me a dark denim saddle 23 as well as this rogue. Call me crazy but I feel like I am more in love with this color in the smooth glovetanned leather. Looks more saturated and rich to me.
  7. IMG_0091 2.jpg The bag that started it all! A birthday gift from my husband sometime in the late 90s! This bag is so very special to me :heart: Black Patricia's Legacy:heart:
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  8. I love the dark denim color! I just got the Dinky in the dark denim...love it!
  9. Yes! I didnt expect to love it as much as I do. Especially with the brass hardware. Up until recently I didnt own anything with brass and gravitate toward the dark gunmetal or black copper finishes but something about this color combination goes really well with my casual wardrobe. Enjoy your new dinky
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  10. Running errands today with legacy Willis:
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  11. DF Rogue Army Green with floral print.

  12. An oldie but goodie today - Large Patent Andie Cinched Tote.

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  13. DD3084DE-A7F7-45A5-A50B-D3759C2C7EC6.jpeg Dinky 24
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  14. Back in duffle 20
  15. Butterscotch!
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