Who should come in first roady or muse?

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  1. Hi ysl ladies, as you all know my luck for purchasing a muse has not been good... I still plan to get both roady and muse before the year ends.. I just need some advise w/ch should go first, Im a 28 year old mommy around 5'8 and dresses up w/ rugged clothes most of the week, still not sure what color to get for both roady and muse..help?
  2. i LOVE the roady and think its a fantastic day bag (i'm not a mom though) -- i have black patent and i think the patents are easy to keep clean and fine to use in bad weather.

    i don't have a muse so i can't speak to that. good luck!
  3. Muse is exceptional bag, and I did not go for the roady because I have plenty of hobo bags, but it is very large. I feel that Muse is more organized and easier to find stuff in it, but roady is perfect for throwing stuff into it in a hurry...both I would say

    color - roady perhaps patent so that you do not worry about it, and Muse perhaps blue-gray, or purple (I have black and would like to have some of YSL amazing colors)

    if you take roady in a color I adore (red pebbled leather) you would need to baby it, so the purpose of a care-free hobo would be missed
  4. I had an oversized Muse years ago. I sold it because it was huge and the straps were not long enough as compared to the size of the bag. It became this enormous bowler. I think what is now the medium might have better proportions.

    I think the single strap and easy access of the Roady is perfect for a mom on the go. I really like mine and like that it can be dressed up if needed.

    I would go Roady in black and pick a rich brown for the Muse.
  5. Thanks ladies!! keep em coming I have two more weeks to decide on who goes first!
  6. I was on the same boat as you.. I've wanted Muse for the longest but recently saw how convenient a Roady might be for me. I also have a baby so a hobo is a better choice for me. I've thought of a Balenciaga Day (I'm a Bal girl) and wanted some variety so I plan to get a black Roady in the next couple of weeks. :biggrin:

  7. Im actually leaning towards roady... then came another distraction... muse too...
  8. I love the Muse as a first bag to own. Chocolate brown is beautiful as it shows the details of this classic bag. Large Muse (not oversized) is perfect; stuf does not get lost and it is not heavy. A second bag would be the Roady, which is a nice hobo bot competes with the Cervo Hobo by Bottega Veneta. Hard to chose.
  9. roady b/c it's quicker in and out and is more unstructured. i'd recommend a dark color or patent in a bright color. love love love ysl patents.
  10. Thanks for the suggestion I like it! " quicker in and out" just what I need all the time for my bags:nuts:
  11. just visited your facebook page, gorgeous pics!!
  12. awwwwww thanks babe!
  13. Muse was my first YSL (in white) but I have to say for a mom it is VERY HEAVY. I am getting the Roady in cognac (hopefully at SAKS F and F sale) and I've tried it and it is much lighter. Lots of room to stuff in kid stuff too. I think the muse is a bit more formal too although I do use it with jeans and whatever. I get lots of compliments on it (although I have had thread issues with it :/).
    You'll enjoy no matter what!
  14. Leaning towards roady, I think I really need what the bag can do for me but Im open to more suggestions!
  15. I'd say go for the roady first. The muse is a structured bag and it's harder to carry for a mom (especially if you have other items or kids to carry). Sometimes I find myself getting bumped by the side of the muse when I carry it on my shoulder.