Who owns a Black Box Kelly?

  1. I'm just wondering how many of us own the "quintessential" Hermes bag....a black Box Kelly?

    I LOVE black Box.....I LOVE Kelly's......and yet I do NOT own one!!!! :shrugs:
  2. D- I am dying for one! I swear, I will go insane if I do not get one soon!
  3. ^ Well, we can't have our dear JAG going to the nutty farm on us so let's get her a bag soon!

    D, I don't have one yet but this is on my MUST HAVE list. I WILL have one. And, yes, black box Kelly is, IMO the ultimate handbag of all handbags to have!
  4. :yes: my first bag ever! love it!:love:
  5. MEMEMEME!!!!!
    I got one! She's currently traveling with me (we're in Warsaw/Poland right now).
  6. hey! Hello! :yes: Dzien dobry!:nuts: I love the "stare miasto" I wish there was a Hermes boutique there!
  7. I do! And sometimes I fear I snagged the one you were meant to have, shopmom :sad:
    Of course, you might very well have snagged the croc I was meant to have!

    (just kidding, of course!)
  8. Me too!!! That was the first thing I checked, but sadly none! Same in my 'hometown' (adopted that is) Budapest. No Hermes boutique. The only wildlife spotting I can do is my reflection in the window....:smile:
    I am planning on bringing Ms Kelly for a spa treatment to the Vienna boutique but I cannot bear the thought of being separated from her for 4-6 weeks.... sigh.....
  9. Don't worry, they will be very gentle... once after a snow storm :wtf: they "saved" my mom's kelly life!:yes: I hate the wait though.
  10. It's on my list of "must haves" but I keep getting side-tracked! Mine will have to be a vintage bag....as old and in as good shape as I can find.

    ....I think the search is most definately ON for S'mom!!!!
  11. D, what happened to the one you got offered before you raided Madison Avenue?
  12. I hope Hermes opens a boutique either in Warsaw or Cracow, those are major cities, tourists come, people have more money now, and last time I was there many ladies recognized my bag as Hermes...the Country is ready for it.
    Same I think with Budapest, (last visit 3 years ago), it was beautiful, I must see it again, show it to my husband...just wish I spoke hungarian!:shame:
  13. No No! Coco-nut!!! You didn't! Believe me.....I just keep getting side-tracked by everything else!

    I think it's just got to be deeply Vintage....for some reason I have it in my head that my Black Box Kelly has to have lived as long as I have. Maybe that means mine is going to show up when I hit half a century.....next November!!!!
  14. Aaah Avan but you MUST let me know when you come to Budapest! I will be your guide!
    I spoke Hungarian today in our Polish office and one of my colleagues was very impressed ;). My poor Hungarian colleague who relocated to our Polish office meanwhile is struggling with the Polish language...
    I brought Ms Kelly to meetings so far, I am not sure she got recognized as for who she is. I am leaving on Thursday with a couple more meetings to go, maybe one will recognize her.... :smile:
    But then again not everybody is like me and goes WOW IS THAT AN HERMES BAG???
  15. Gone! But you know, I think things are meant to be anyway. I really think the right one is still out there for me.....just have to focus on it....:supacool:
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