Who on here still adores Fendi Spy bags?

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  1. Was just wondering if their was anyone on here that still adores (like myself) the iconic Fendi Spy bags.
    Has anyone bought one recently?
    This of course is as said an iconic bag and never goes out of style. Have to say I miss mine very much. One day I hope to have the Crackle, Green and Blue back :smile: and the one in my aviator......
  2. I still love the look of them! It’s so iconic! I think it’s about time Fendi re-released updated versions of them. :smile:
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  3. IMG_4658.JPG IMG_4617.JPG IMG_4556.JPG
    They was a few years ago going to re-release the spy so I was told by Head Office at Fendi but it never happen. I agree with you Miss World its about time they did. I miss my iconic couture spies very much. Here are some I use to have...enjoy, they don't make bags like this any more :sad: IMG_4617.JPG
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  4. 26169_900.jpg IMG_4731.JPG here a few more...so wish I still had them IMG_4850.JPG
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  5. I would love to see an updated version of this bag. If they released this bag again I would so purchase it.
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  6. They’re beautiful you shouldn’t have sold them :sad: yes an updated one would be perfect.
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  7. I had one a while back, Blueberry, but also sold. :doh::sad:
  8. Oh how I wish I had not Miss World but circumstances change and sometimes you have no choice.....perhaps one day I will get one or two of them back, I do hope so:-s
  9. LOREBUNDE its heart breaking when you have to sell these stunning bags, never had the Blueberry but did have a stunning really bubbly nappa leather Petrol.
    Fendi made particular for me and another lady on here a stunning Green one even had our names sewn into it and the date....again gone now. I do sometimes wonder who now has that one:sad:
  10. I remember your collection when I used to visit Fendi forum. I purchased mine full price brand new too, probably sold for half price. I did enjoy it while I had it though. Maybe one day you'll see it on ebay or AFF, lol
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  11. LOREBUNDE was you the person that got the other special made Green Spy? I know someone else did but cannot remember who.......I doubt I could ever find that bag again although it did have my name sewn into it by Fendi...be lovely to have it back
  12. I am VERY late to the Spy party, as I only received this today from the pre-loved market.
    It's my first Fendi and the quality is tdf!

  13. It is gorgeous! I was looking at this bag but chose another bag (post below).
  14. I still adore Spy bags. My first Spy bag and also first Fendi bag.

  15. I love the look of these but have never tried on IRL. Are they comfortable on shoulder? How easy to find stuff in there? I have a preference for bags that can be shoulder carried and with outside pockets (which this doesn't have)