Who on here still adores Fendi Spy bags?

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  1. They are really not for shoulder carry, only hand held or crook of the arm.

    I haven’t used mine yet so I can’t say anything about comfortable or not. I have way too many bags so if I want comfortable I would not pick this one. Comfortable for me is a crossbody bag or a good hobo/tote.
  2. thanks.....arm or hand held only isn't for me
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  3. funny, I'd been looking at spy bags on ebay and got an email today....they're calling it a shoulder bag.....maybe if you're small?
  4. Have been looking at some of these on ebay and wondered about the variety of prices on them...some over $1000 and some are in the hundreds...what would you go for if you didnt have a lot of money to spend...get one with a lot of wear or spend a bit more?
  5. Well it actually do go over the shoulder but in the 90s way so you will have the bag in your armpit. Which of course is okay but personally I don’t think it is comfortable.
  6. You would definitely be able to find one in very good condition for some hundreds on ebay or consignment store. Keep on searching is my advice! :smile:
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  7. maybe if I see one of these at a consignment store I'll try it on. thanks
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  8. personally, I don't think I'd be happy with any bag that had substantial wear on it.....not for hundreds
  9. I think they’re gorgeous, just unpractical for my lifestyle
  10. No longer
  11. My mom got a really worn fendi spy for $250. For that price, I can get behind it. Anything more--nope.