Who Loves Target?

  1. Another Target lover here! I love that I get 5% everything I purchase with my Target Visa. I also love the popcorn/drink combo! :biggrin: Although, I'm a little peeved that they raised the price from $1.
  2. Loooooove Target:love:

  3. Meeee!!!!!! Everytime I go in for one item, I always end up with $100< more stuff I don't need....:biggrin:
  4. Um, I love Target a little too much - I had to trash my red card because I was spending money on too many random purchases there. Still, I love to browse and occasionally pick up one "fun" item while I'm there to get my more practical stuff.
  5. Love it too darn much , somehow i always got things that i don't need or never wear later :/
  6. I used to work at Target 20 years ago or so when I was in college. My entire pay check usually went back into the store! It was hard seeing all of the sales and clearance items come through my checkout lane.
  7. I do!:biggrin:
  8. Wowwww!!! Yeah no matter what i always got something interesting with great prices there too:smile:
  9. Target is dangerous! I buy most of my work-out clothes from there (durable, nice looking, great prices).

    I will also walk in to buy one thing...and leave with 10!
  10. I have learned to ALWAYS grab a shopping cart when I walk in--too many times I was there just to get a couple of things and had to back to the front of the store for a cart--"ooh, this kitty litter is on sale" or "such a great deal on these candles"--I love Target too much! Their garlic/parmesan Archer potato chips are addictive too.
  11. I completely agree that Target can be so dangerous! They seem to always have great deals on shoes in my size. I bought a pair of booties there a couple of weeks ago for $6. I also found a few pairs of flats this summer for $3 and $6. Can't pass deals like that!
  12. I do, i do! I can wait for the new target to open down the street. Its only 1/2 mile away. I will probably be there everyday!
  13. right now on target.com, when you go to the coupon area there is a coupon for a $10 target gift card when you make a $50 purchase
  14. Who loves Target?


    I think we're there 5 days a week. I get a venti Starbucks and cover the place. Automatic 5% discount is nice.

    Our local Target is clean and there's always something new on clearance. They're great and easy about returns too.

    The grocery is somewhat limited so there are quite a few items I pick up elsewhere.

    Come to think of it, we're probably Target VIPs. :biggrin:
  15. Aw man! I just spent a ton in there this afternoon Christmas shopping. Lol