who likes the new Hermes Octagone bag?

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  1. Thank you for sharing your pics here @diane278! :ty:

    Would you mind sharing how much you can fit in the clutch? :smile:
  2. Quite a unique bag and I’d add it to my collection proudly❤️
  3. 8083336D-8BCA-4138-8A82-238E2F8EB61F.jpeg 5960097F-2D82-48AC-82CB-656ADE3ACAFF.jpeg
    This is what I usually carry. There’s room for a little more.
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  4. It's a gem of a bag,enjoy!
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  5. Thanks. I’m loving it!
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    Fun fact: a guy called Pierre-Yves Labey designed the Octogone. He used to be a bag designer for Hermès; he was responsible for the Shark Bolide, the Cherche Midi, the Cityback, the Verrou, the Plitplat, among other things. He's now working for Berluti.

    These are his sketches, inspiration, and the paper model for Octogone:
    27578717_168597997105068_4949385269548679168_n.jpg 26869492_1463802007062659_3293716900684496896_n.jpg 27880903_941017882741268_4212478854192693248_n.jpg 27877662_208298513082930_3918108964025270272_n.jpg

    All photos are from his public instagram account.
  7. Thank you so much from sharing this! I love knowing the history of this style. I’m heading over to his Instagram account right now!
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  8. I joined the Octogone Club in June! Think it’s chic without the rodeo and cute with it. Just use it as a size comparison anyways. The leather shoulder strap gives a more sophisticated look than the canvas strap that gives a sporty look. Thanks for letting me share!

  9. May I ask where you found this particular version? I love it with the leather strap in this neutral color, (which appears to be either indigo or noir.)
  10. Not for me, but I'm so glad that Hermes makes a variety of bag, so everyone can find something to love.
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  11. 4E16E9FD-9DA9-4315-A84B-B0C63822CCD1.jpeg
    Sharing an Octogone I was offered today. The thicker strap has been scaled down and is no longer in canvas. I will sleep on it.
  12. @finding_nemo and @periogirl28: is the new version strap adjustable to short shoulder wear like the Cherche Midi?? Thanks!
  13. I think not that high as my Cherche Midi, even on the shortest but the store can always punch the extra hole for you.
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  14. Perfect, exactly what I need to know, thanks!
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