who likes the new Hermes Octagone bag?

  1. sorry, but pass
  2. pass
  3. Anyone seen this in store yet? I only saw the clutches in October at FSH.
  4. Pass..
  5. pass
  6. I like the style of this bag a lot. It was first shown in the rtw of 2016. It is very special and unusual. I like it because you see the beauty of the leather in this sleek design.
  7. I still haven't seen it in the store. If the size is right, I would get one.
  8. The clutch is interesting. The shoulder bag is definitely a pass.
  9. I am interested in this bag. Does anyone have more info like price and. colors?
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  10. Saw one at Madison Ave last week, the clutch version, no strap, rouge H
  11. @diane278 Would you kindly share your beautiful Octagone pics here in this thread? Love seeing your outfits paired with it. :tup: :smile:
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    Sure. Now that I have the black one, I’ll have more photos. I wish H would do this bag in Gris Moutte, or a lighter gray. And maybe even in the leather shoulder strap version.
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    Rouge Grenat
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    There’s a narrative over on the ‘Action’ thread explaining this sub-par photo. I didn’t realize that black bags were so challenging (for me) to photograph......
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  15. Thought I’d add it’s adoption photo....it clearly came from a good home.....
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