who likes the new Hermes Octagone bag?

  1. Just wondering... It has just appeared in their ready to wear show.
    Here it is on their Instagram: https://instagram.com/p/0DQyfji0V-/
    It is certainly not my cup of tea, which is probably a good news ... for the wallet :graucho:
  2. Hm. I'll need to see more pics. For now, it's a pass.
  3. I'll pass
  4. I can't tell by the photo. Undecided.
  5. Not my cup of tea either. Looks like a case for binoculars.
  6. I tried to download a better picture
  7. I'm curious still
  8. I'm not a fan. I especially don't like the striped canvas strap. It makes the bag look very casual?
  9. Agreed, but I like the strap:smile:
  10. not a fan
  11. I think I'll pass, reminds me of a seat cushion.
  12. Nope:sad:
  13. no thanks.
  14. Meh
  15. On the fence!