Who have YOU seen?


Love LV
Aug 24, 2006
Southern California
I saw Hilary and Hailey Duff at the zoo this year (they were right next to us and very beautiful!) Hilary had on some heels to die for...she spoke to us..very kind!
Heather Locklear walked by SO and myself on Rodeo Drive last year..she was pretty, well dressed, and very tiny!
We saw Alfonso Ribera (Fresh Prince of BelAire) at the L.A. auto show in January (very stout/wide looking).
I met and took pics with Tom Sellick (magnum PI) in Hawaii when I was 13 years old. He was so nice and said "Hi Darlin, nice to meet you"...20 years later I still remember that!
I met Jennifer Flavin Stallone in Las Vegas & she took a pic with me (stunning) and Sylvester Stallone was a ways away promoting something..he looked good.
I guess that's it for now....