Who have YOU seen?

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  1. So I'm spending the weekend in Santa Monica w/ hubby and baby. Went for a loooong walk this afternoon down the 3rd Street Promenade, beautiful day. I am walking up Wiltshire, pass a homeless man, and gave him a smile. Who do I see ahead of me, but Michael Keaton. Batman. Beatlejuice. He smiles at me and baby in the bugaboo and he's walking fast. Jeans, white dress shirt, tweed blazer, sunglasses. As he passes the same homeless man, he pops him a bill, which falls on the ground. What a gent, he then stops, takes a step back, picks up the bill and hands it to the man, and says 'sorry'.

    My Brush with Shmarminess. Anyone got "I saw..." stories? I'm bored now, baby's napping, DH is working...;)
  2. I saw Skreech from Saved by the Bell years ago when i was a kid at disney land. we were eating dinner in the castle and he was a few tables over. I tried getting his autograph but was shoo'd away by security.
  3. Anthony Anderson at the airport, he was talking on the phone but stopped to take pictures with me and sign an autographs.

    Paris Hilton was very nice and waved to everyone even though people boo-ed her at an event.

    Kevin James (he was in Hitch w/ Will Smith). He was nice, gave me an autograph and picture.
  4. I was at the concession stand at the local movie theater and Jerry Seinfield walked by. Only saw him for a minute as he was leaving the theater when I was in line.

    My friend was on the subway in New York City and Orlando Bloom walked onto the car she was on. She got to talk to him!
  5. DH & I saw Michael Chiarello today :shame:

    He is an amazing chef, founder of Tra Vigna, has his own shows, Easy Entertaining and Napa Style. Very nice guy.

    PS. I got to sit near Price once at a nightclub in SF back in the early 90s... LOL
  6. Jennifer Garner. Her parents live in town.

    Leslie Nielson (my favorite actor!) visits here every now and then and eats at a locally owned restaurant that my husband and I frequent.
  7. I saw Matthew McConaughey aboard a flight from LA to Austin. I was visiting my sister last year in California. Anyway, he was seated in the first class section, of course. Beautiful curlyhair and fabulous tan... but he still was biting on a piece of cigar. :yucky:
  8. Bill Clinton, in Harrods, a couple of years ago. I nearly fainted with excitment.
    Keifer Sutherlad , in NY, last year. Ditto.
  9. ice-t during a boxing match in NYC
  10. I rode an escalator in the Atlanta airport with Kenny Rogers when I was 10. I didn't know who he was, but I knew he was famous because everyone was gawking at him. He asked me something stupid, like how my plane ride was or something, and then when he left, I asked my dad who he was. When he said Kenny Rogers, I replied, "The chicken guy?" :roflmfao: This was when Kenny Rogers Roasters was popular. Teehee.
  11. Lots of hockey stars at the party before the All star game when it was here is San Jose...DH talked to just about everyone...lol...he is not shy...the nicest one was Dale Hunter, he saw me n the background, and took a step back to incude me in the circle and conversation.

    When I was a child, I got lost at the Japanese Tea Gardens and ended playing with and eating lunch with Natalie Wood and Robert Wagner and their kids.
  12. How nice of him
  13. If I saw someone famous, I probably wouldn't even notice. =(
    I would love to meet Wentworth Miller though. :drool:
  14. I've seen Sean Connery in a restaurant in Bayswater, London with his wife at dinner, Jude Law near Hyde Park in London, All Saints (british girl band) in Harvey Nics, Victoria Beckham at Sloane Street and some others..can't recall right now =)
  15. I have seen Pam Aderson, and she was nice! My mom met, and talked on few occasions with Angelina Jolie. I also have seen Britney shopping in Malibu. My mom has seen Sting, and Sofia Vergara.