Who else LOVE'S the new 2007 leathers?

  1. I have to say, I am really impressed with the 2007 Balenciaga leather. The leather on my Work is the best I have ever squeezed! I understand everyone has their own opinion here, but 2007 deserves an applause :choochoo:
  2. I have yet to come into contact with an 07' bag... so I can't comment :confused1:

    I do have to say that from pictures... the leather on the 07' bags looks quite consistant and seems thicker rather than veiny and thinner
  3. 07' leather for sure looks more yummy and smooshy :yes: than 06' leather which is thinner..
  4. it is thick but a bit shiny
  5. my 07 White City was :love: at first sight!!!
  6. I love my 07 black city:love: :love: !! I never seen a bag older than 06 IRL, so the 07 bags are divine IMO.
  7. I have been happy with the leather from 07. It is consistent with the leather on my 05 bags.
  8. I will have to say the 07 is defintely an improvement from the 06 bags. The 05 bags are still my fav.
  9. :woohoo: Yea!! I love the 07 leather too... in fact, I think I might be quite the opposite from alot of people. I sold some of the bags I had with older leather, because I liked the newer ones better!!
  10. I just bought a sandstone city and the leather does seem nicer than my 2006 bags but I still love them too because the colors are fabulous.
  11. I have two 05 bags--one in brand new condition, the other in exc. condition, and I still prefer the 07 Marine's leather to these older leathers! I agree w/KDC... it is sooo squeezable and thick! I LOVE IT!!!
  12. I love...love...my '07 leather. She is soft, smooshy, not to shiney...thick and wonderful.
  13. I love the 07 leather on my anthracity! But some of the 06 leathers were nice -- like the leather on my Rouille twiggy.

    The only leather I would have that I would call thin is my 06 Marron -- which is also dry. It was my first bag, and had I known then what I know now about leathers, I would have passed. But I do love the color, so I'm not unhappy.

    Everything else seems of moderate thickness. But I think my 07 leather is even thicker than my 05 leather!
  14. I agree, it is amazing this year! Hooray, someone is listening to us!
  15. Some of the 05 bags I have owned were special for their smooshy leather. However, I am very happy with the leather on my 07 bags.