who bought your first Coach bag?

  1. After reading many of the threads, I got to thinking..."I wonder how everyone discovered they loved Coach & who got them their first Coach bag. Or did they buy their own?"
    I love talking about my one & only bag. It meant so much to me receiving as a gift I thought I'd never get.
    My parents asked me to write down 5 things for Christmas I really wanted that I probably wouldn't be able to afford on my own.
    So of course, I wanted a Coach purse. I didn't think they'd actually get it for me. Although I am paying for my schooling alone, my brother goes to private school, and my mom, who I love dearly, is a shopping addict, I just figured it was more like making a wish list.
    When I saw the Coach shopping bag...my heart skipped a beat. I could not believe it. I almost cried.
    I thought it was my mom's idea & that she would have to convince my dad...but my dad actually picked out the purse, with the help of a SA. I also got a mini skinny & my boyfriend Josh, who is already quite frustrated with my new obsession, got me my first charm.
    My parents always have done their best by my brother & I. The gift was also b/c I have been getting good grades at school & my parents wanted to reward me.
    The thread about the little girl with the expensive bag at the mall I feel was taken too personally by some of us. I would just like to remind everyone, like many others already have, that nobody really knows the situation. :biggrin:
    It's not fun when people think you are "rich" or "stuck up" just b/c you have more or nicer things than somebody else. Or b/c you work hard & earn those nice things for yourself.
    Sorry to bore anyone. I can't sleep. I just wanted to ask those questions to start a fun, new thread. :biggrin:
  2. My mom. I got my first bag and wallet on my birthday.
  3. My husband. He bought it for me when I was pregnant with our first child.
  4. Me. It was my first designer bag too. Awwww how precious!
  5. My first Coach item was a birthday gift for my 19th Birthday from my best friend. She got me a purple signature and suede wristlet.


    My first bag (black hamptons pebbled leather business tote) was a present from my parents for great grades and to use for medical school interviews.

  6. hey! great way to cure insomnia ;) yeah, i can imagine that this will turn into a pretty fun thread reading about people's experiences with how they've fallen in love with coach.

    well, i fell in love with coach in high school and that was about almost 6 years ago or longer. ever since then i've always loved coach! they can be classic or fun and i love the variety.

    my parents purchased me my first coach bag. it was the classic demi in vachetta/khaki color that everybody now has. I could still remember that day! ahhh, great reminiscence...
  7. the first time i ever paid much attention to coach was when i started college. i was envious of a lot of the girls bags. & i knew i had to have one someday. :biggrin:
  8. My soon to be hubby bought my very first Coach Bag. Black legacy Ali. She is my favorite bag, still.
  9. I bought my first coach handbag (demi) 5 years ago when I was 19.
  10. Best Buy did! For the hard work our department did, we won a contest, so myself and two other girls received a Coach Demi pouch purse in 2004. We were so excited, that was my very first Coach and have been in love with Coach since!!!:love: interesting huh?!
  11. Dh got me my first coach, a little wrislet and a pair of flats, then a couple of month after he got me my very first purse.


  12. I was 16 when I got my first Coach.

    At that age I just didn't appreciate or like them for some reason...
    My GodMother got me my first one, it was the Signature Demi...and I threw it in my closet:wtf::wtf::wtf:


    about a year in 1/2 later I found it again (still in it's dust bag) and I was like OMG this is so freakin' cute. It was like a metamorphisis, haha.

    Since then I have bought 2 more a duffle and a soho hobo in chambray

    Lovin' Coach now :flowers:
  13. My grandparents bought me my transatlantic leather mapbag (it was called the "legacy" leather mapbag when I got it) but my first Coach items were small accessories purchased by me at the outlets- I think I'd bought a couple wallets, a couple eyeglass cases, an umbrella, a scarf, and a visor (though now I only have a wallet left after thinning out my collection).
  14. I bought my first Coach, for myself, in the fall of 1999. I had been out shopping with friends & they teased me about being the "big spender" after I made them drive to 3 different malls in torrential rain. :p I had been working in a dept store, everyone had one, & I just fell in LOVE with that wonderful leather! :heart: It was a black, messenger type bag, very small (9x9) & just the Classic Coach Leather. Here is a link to one like it-mine was black.


    Been in love with the brand since!!!;)
  15. I bought my first Coach myself in September 2007. I had die hard Coach friends who didn't give up on me. :smile: It was an impulse buy at a Coach outlet. A small signature flap bag. I still have it but I moved up to big bags very quickly. It was just too small.