White vs. Beige Flap?

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  1. Hi all,

    I posted in the Hermes forum about being offered a 25cm craie (chalk-like-beige color) kelly bag with gold hardware.
    But i realized that this particular offer is really not for me so decided to let this go.

    I have decided to steer gear back to Chanel and complete my Chanel collection with this final purchase.
    My choice is either the new upcoming white caviar m/l flap with ghw or the current beige m/l flap with ghw.

    My bag collection comprises of the following colors: black/grey/brown/blue/red (All Chanel and Hermes)

    I have been wanting to add a bright neutral such as white or beige but never got around to it because I have been collecting the above bags.

    I would greatly appreciate help from current owners of theses colors.
    Please help!
  2. is both an option??? lol I have both (white with silver and beige with gold) and thinking about letting the beige go. So if only one I would say the white! So crisp and not just for spring/summer anymore! Looks amazing during the drab winter months
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  3. White! Super crisp and beautiful in the cf.
  4. I say white. Also Because its more unique/ rare then beige
  5. Pick White!!!! I've been wanting a white caviar rectangular mini with silver hardware for quite a while and can't wait for Karl to make more!!!
  6. I have been leaning towards the white flap as well but I really want silver hardware with white flap....
    I'm gonna have to see what kind of white this bag is. Hopefully its not a tacky white shade that looks like toothpaste.
  7. Yikes! White scares me. The potential of color transfer or even daily wear on white! If you have your heart set on white or beige I think I would go with the beige.
  8. White flao with ghw is so beautiful, pls get it
  9. White is stunning , I had this combination but sold it & got the beige which I love just as much & more durable. I hated the thought of the lovely white stitching going grey & off colour which it did , but not many people noticed but it was obvious to me on the crisp white leather .
  10. White
  11. I vote for White. I bought both back in the 2008 - 2010 era (think single flap). I held onto the Beige for many years, and finally sold it. It just didn't work with my wardrobe. Actually, that's the real question. Take a hard look at your wardrobe palette. That might help with your decision! Good luck. :smile:
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  12. Beige! I had both flap in jumbo and sold my white jumbo cause color transfer is a mean issue. You have to extra careful when u carry white flap and beige goes as many outfit as white does.
  13. Beige - imo CF in beige GHW is one of the ultimate classics. I'm wary of white discolouring.
  14. I would do beige. I have a beige and before I had a bright white which picked up color transfer. While I was able to get most of the color transfer off, I could still see a very slight shadow which if it were beige, the slight shadow wouldn't have shown.
  15. image.jpg Maybe a visual will help. My white jumbo was purchased in 2011 and beige in 2012. No discoloration/yellowing of the white at all. I did get denim transfer on the back side of my beige but I was able to remove it completely and so it still looks pristine. My opinion is the white makes a much bigger statement than the beige, even though I use the beige more lol. Even with the ghw, I feel the beige comes across more casual in comparison to the white.
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