White or black e/w modern chain? Need to decide by tomorrow...

  1. Ok i just got a call from my SA that she found the black large modern chain e/w bag for me. She had also on hold for me the white one. I have to decide until tomorrow which one i will get. The problem is i already have the GST in black, the perfo flap in black(i know most of you don't like it:shrugs: ), and i am waiting for the modern chain flap in black that i recently bought from the lovely rockerchic. Will it be too much to get another black bag? I kind of liked the white one but it is only for summer....and black is always classic...What would you do? Thank you!!!
  2. For me I would get black because I would destroy a white bag, I say go with your first instinct!
  3. Thank you!!! Any other opinions:confused1: ? Please help:heart: ...
  4. Black!
  5. I am a black bag person, but it sounds like right now you should go white.
  6. If you feel you would only use the white for only summer, then get black. Personally I believe white is for all year round. But go w/ what you'll use more..sounds like it would be black.
  7. omg the modern chain is like on my wishlist!!! lol..i would get black bc it will last u longer, but the white is soooo stunning!!!! ifu have so many black bags then maybe this one can be white? either way, u come out a winner!!
  8. The white is beautiful. I'm just anal when it comes to my bags so it all depends on preference.
  9. Thank you...thank you...thank you:heart: !!! I will let you guys know what i decided since you've been so helpful. I really appreciate this! I am so anxious to decide:sweatdrop: that i have almost lost the joy that i finally found my dream bag in two colors(wish i could buy both...)
  10. black for sure! nobody can have too many black bags heh. and they're so much easier to maintain too, plus u can use them all year round.
  11. White! I think the white is really gorgeous, and since you have so many Blacks - give the White a chance!
  12. black
  13. i like white but my red MC chain has a lil color transfer so im wondering if it will be the same for white? :sad:
  14. Really?????? Wow...I wasn't thinking the MC's did that!
  15. White