White Modern Chain Tote at NM! OLD PRICE- HURRY!

  1. Quick, there is only one that is still at the old price of $2225. Lisa said that the next one's arriving will be marked up to $2750:wtf:

    Call Lisa Hamlin at (248) 635-8442 if you want to adopt this beauty before the price jumps to $2750.:graucho:
  2. whoa, that's a big jump.
  3. Too bad it's white :sad:
  4. Is everything increasing in price?? That's a huge difference...
  5. Oh No.
  6. how awful! a $500 increase???
  7. I am not sure if this is a new increase, or if NM just is slow in marking up their bags from the last increase. Whatever is happening, someone hurry up and get this before it costs $500 more! OY!
  8. Thanks for posting, I'm not brave enough to buy whote though, wish it were the black, I'd be all over that
  9. Whoa.. Big jump with the price!! 2225 to 2750!!!
  10. I Have Purchased A Modern Chain Patent Leather Chanel Bag, But Now I Am In Doubt That The Leather Will Get Cracked Easily, There Is Another Model Which Is Not Patent, I Think It Is Called Caviar With Modern Chain At The Same Price. Does Anyone Have Any Idea, What Should I Do? Should I Chage It With That?
  11. jag, I didn't realize that Modern Chain came in white! Must have been last season...hence last season's price...but the current season totes (both N/S and E/W) are already $2650-2750, just fyi

    bbasol, I don't think the Modern Chain comes in patent leather. It's caviar leather with a glazed treatment that provides a bit of sheen, but isn't patent. Last season's bags have a more distressed caviar leather that is matte - see the reference library for pics.
  12. This is an old thread ladies....

    Just wouldn't want poor Lisa's phone to ring off the hook for a bag most likely not available now.;)