white handbag

  1. Hi! My name is Cindy and I live in Georgia. I am new to the group but have been obsessed with purses forever. My latest obsession is that I want a white handbag but I am worried that it will get way too dirty. I am tired of carrying the standard brown and black bags (although I do have orange, pink, etc). What are your thoughts on the white bag? Do I go stark white, winter white, or another color? :shame:
  2. I have always preferred stark white but it also depends on the bag style. How about Ivory if you are afraid for it to get dirty? I have two bags in white, one that is winter white and another that is the stark white. But one of them got dyed slightly blue because of my jeans. :crybaby: You just have to be very careful with them.
  3. Agreed~!! This is my dream white bag as well... :heart: :heart:
    I love white, and i am soo glad that white is okay to carry for the winter now..
    Marc by Marc Jacobs has some awesome white bags that I love..
  4. speaking of white bags....how do we feel about this one?

  5. Cute! Is that the Gryson?
  6. No, it's the Rebecca Minkoff Morning After bag...I think I need it....:wondering...
  7. I recently tried a new designer and I bought their 360 bag. I love the leather on it. It is a beautiful white Italian full grain leather that is to die for. I cant get over how it feels. Anyhoo I bough a multicolor one but it comes in solid white with gold accesories I bet it is beautiful though
    Shalon 360 046.JPG
  8. I bought my favorite white bag.
    It's a Chanel Vintage Ligne Tote in dark white and has provedn to be very durable:biggrin:
  9. Oh, I like that one too! Let us know how you like it.
  10. It won't ship until March, so I'll let ya know then. I love frame bags and can't wait to get this one.
  11. There's alot of AWESOME Chanels to choose from!
  12. that is one beautiful bag!
  13. [​IMG]This is the white bag I am hoping to get for 2007