While we're on the subject, another majorly creep-tastic bag

  1. This makes me sad... :sad:

    Renaud Pellegrino fox-fur bag. $5,095 at Vive.com

  2. What is the name of this bag? The Road-Kill Tote?
  3. Wow, I am sorry but that looks like an animal! Don't like it one bit!
  4. That just breaks my heart. I HATE the fur industry. I wish I could give up leather too....:sad:
  5. At least it's honest. :yes:

    Fur bags can often look so pretty, that it's easy to forget what they are made from (and how).
  6. UGH!! I hate fur!!!!

  7. OMG you CRACK ME UP!!! I just burst out laughing and I'm at WORK!!! I so agree!!!! :heart: Emmy
  8. ok ladies.... so fur is not okay but leather is okay?
    i always try not to judge fur bags or coats because i still love my bags in leather.. it's something i can't resist :P
  9. That bag is terrible.
  10. WRONG WRONG WRONG. Good grief.
  11. I know I'm a hypocrite--wouldn't carry a bag like that or wear fur, but I love my leather shoes and handbags and I eat meat. Can't explain it or reconcile it.
  12. eow! looks like a cat! sick!

  13. I hesitate to say this, again, but most leather is a by-product of the food industry (and would otherwise go to waste), whereas fur and most exotic skins aren't.

    Also, the way in which the animals are killed for fur/exotics is invariably even more barbaric than the slaughter of farm animals (i.e. animals are often skinned alive).

    So there are major differences. :yes:
  14. That is truly awful!
  15. :yucky: :yucky: :yucky: