Which would you get?

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  1. Hi everyone. I've been itching for a new LV bag but I'm torn between these three:

    - Monogram Canvas Mizi

    - Monogram Canvas Manhattan PM

    - Monogran Canvas Manhattan GM

    Which would you guys get? Please help because I can't decide. :wacko:
  2. Manhattan GM.
    Tried one on at the store (loaded all my junk into it, carried it around) it is gorgeous, nice and big, and contrary to my fears, not too heavy.
  3. If it were me, Manhattan GM!
  4. That's really a tough decision, I love all of them :love:
    I would vote for the Mizi, as the strap on the Manhattan GM might be a little annoying and the PM I've seen more often.
  5. I think Mizi goes well with dresses too. Manhattan GM & PM are more like a "jeans" bag to me... but that's just for me:biggrin: how about getting them all hehe:lol: :love:
  6. I like the Mizi. The Manhattan GM is beautiful but too heavy IMO. The belt across it could be annoying. The PM is small for my taste.
  7. i vote for the Mizi
  8. Manhattan GM. I like a sturdy, substantial bag.
  9. I vote for the Mizi:love:
  10. Either of these ... Monogram Canvas Manhattan PM
    Monogran Canvas Manhattan GM
  11. Another vote for the Manhattan GM. Just an all around beautiful bag. :love:
  12. I have the Manhatten PM. I LOVE it!!! I couldn't deal with that big strap on the GM, getting in and out of it. But all three bags are great. Good luck w/ your choice!
  13. All three are beautiful, but I vote for the Manhattan PM. Such a sophisticated, classy bag! :love:
  14. I would get Mizi.:love:
  15. I'd get the Manhattan GM if I had the $$$ to.