which WOC should i get?

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  1. hi! i'm undecided between 2 WOC's.
    one is the classic caviar (1295.00) with the large CC's embroidered on the front.
    the other is from the russian collection (which i saw in the NM catalouge) made of lambskin with large CC's studded with rivets on front (1495.00)

    my concern is the lamb/calfskin will scratch and damage easily. where as the caviar is more durable. sorry i dont have pics- what do you think? thanks!
  2. Caviar if you are afraid of scratches.
  3. pics would help...
  4. umm.. I agree with Jill, we need pics~~
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  6. Pics below!!
  7. Ita
  8. I love the Russian one.
  9. caviar
  10. rusiian is nice but if you're worried about scratches, go for caviar.
  11. i also highly recommend the caviar if you are those type that will get ur heartbroken if there is the smallest scratch on ur purse!
  12. Both are nice, but I don't like the huge double Cs on either of them. I'm a total WOC fan, best evening bag ever IMO. I would go with one with a mademoiselle clasp or with the small CC clasp (or some other decorative clasp). If your heart is set on one of these two, then I would go for the classic caviar.
  13. I'd vote for the caviar. It's my only Chanel bag, but the texture is delicious!
  14. I use my WOC a lot, and it gets thrown into bigger bags often. For that reason, I prefer the caviar leather. The lambskin would get trashed within a week.