which WOC should i get?

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  1. have you ever considered getting a classic quilted caviar WoC?
  2. Caviar would be better if you're worried about scratches because the leather is textured but I love the studs on the other bag too!
  3. Definitely caviar. Not loving the russian one.
  4. I prefer the quilted one. Not very fond of both choices.
  5. i like the russian one
  6. Caviar.
  7. ITA - perfectly said.
  8. Please let us know which one you have decided on! The Portland downtown nordy's has the caviar quilted WoC for 1500 if ur interested
  9. Go for the caviar
  10. I would go for the caviar. As previously stated, it is practical, simply stated, and versatile. I use mine everyday. I put it in my briefcase and also in the GST almost daily. I love taking out the WOC throughout the course of the day when shopping and dining because it is so light weight.