WHich will last for years?

  1. Ladies which of these bag you think will last for years and which of these bags will give you happiness for years?:biggrin:

  2. for me, it'll be the golden arrow speedy
  3. Olympe!!!!!
  4. Olympe.

    The first bag (not sure of the name), but i think it's weird it has this ONE little handle on the bag.
  5. I think all three would last for years!!! And all three :graucho: would make me happy for years!!
  6. I agree:smile:
  7. I'd say the golden arrow speedy.
    Speedies are a classic...
  8. Olympe!! I think its so classic :smile:
  9. The 3rd one ! Gorgeous bag that will
    last long !!!!
  10. Olympe! I love speedies, i just dont care for the belt-like buckle on the golden arrow (2nd pic) :smile:
  11. Yes!! Nice taste, lady! Olympe!
  12. Thanks beautiful ! I like it myself too :smile: but,
    I think it's very expensive :P Do u have any
    idea how much is it ?? :curious: lol
  13. $3500. sigh.
  14. double sigh !!! Lol
    Thanks .. I love it ! But !??????
    Sigh sigh sigh !!!
  15. actually, it's $500 more. $3500.