Which wallet and why?

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Which wallet

  1. Groom Pochette wallet

  2. Damier Brazza wallet

  3. Mono pochette wallet

  4. other

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  1. I want to save for a new wallet for my damier and my mono bags. I was thinking perhaps the Groom pochette wallet , Brazza in Damier ,or Pochette wallet in Mono.I need something that can hold alot of cc and will hold up well. Any idea welcome.:idea:
  2. The little groom is so cute, I'd pick him!
  3. Groom, because he is so cute, LE and the pouchette is a great wallet, tons of room and a managable size!
  4. I love my Mono Koala. I love that it has an ID slot. I also love the Eugenie.
  5. Vernis Pochette Wallet or MC Pochette Wallet!!
  6. damier brazza
  7. I voted mono pouchette wallet, since it will match almost any LV bag.
  8. I like the groom, but I won't buy one because it is a screen print and I am way too scared that it would chip off. But if that doesn't bother you, then go for the groom!

    If that does bother you, then the wallet with lots of CC slots that I love is the eugenie!
  9. I would be bothered alot if it chipped off. The red in side is so pretty though. I definitely want something that will go with as many bags as possible, because I hate changing wallets.
  10. What's brazza? :blush:

    I picked 'other', and humbly submit the idea of a Mono or Damier Koala, to mix-and-match between your other bags, but with that hot shock of colour inside to keep it interesting. :smile:
  11. My vote is for Mono Pochette Wallet. Got mine last week and I love it. It's a classic and most durable. Room for 10 cc, bills, receipts etc.
  12. Do the bills fold in a koala wallet and is there room for coupon or receipts in it?
  13. Go for the groom, I love that little man and its Limited Edition.
  14. What does the groom cost ?
  15. Groom is $575 at the boutiques. LVoe this wallet because it holds a lot and the groom just adds a little something to the classic monogram.