Which style of Sapin should I choose?


Which Sapin style?

  1. Weekender (I'd use this as a gym & travel bag)

  2. Purse - a great deal, rare & sooo much cheaper than the WE!

  3. First - it's a timeless bag

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  1. Thanks to Aaallabama, I am now searching for something in Sapin. Just my luck, 3 options have come up at once...They are all in equally good condition. Which style should I choose?

    1. Weekender (mint cond. same price as retail $1495, however I already have a Weekender)

    2. Purse (love this old Purse style, great price at $875 and absolutely MINT cond. and already have a Blueberry Purse)

    3. First (great price at $899, mint, no spare tassels, have never owned a First and worry about the small size)

  2. WE.:tup:
  3. purse! do you like the blueberry one you already own?
  4. love the purse style and its rare!
  5. Real Deal Collection has an almost mint Sapin Box available. I'd go for that one as it is bigger than the First and almost as cute.

    I'm not helping your choice by adding options, am I..! ;)
  6. I think the Purse would be gorgeous in this color. The style of the bag is very versatile (able to be carried on the shoulder, a bit bigger but still very feminine) and the color would make it a very rich, luxe item.
  7. I vote for the purse. I think it would great in Sapin. Unless you carry WEs on a daily basis I think having 2 of them may be too much. And although the First is a great bag I think you need a bigger bag to enjoy the leather more - the Sapin bags I've seen have such amazing thick chewy leather.
  8. ^^ so, which did you get girl (?) :wlae:
  9. i think i'd go for the purse first and the box second....
    the sapin box on RDC looks great...
  10. I vote for the Sapin PURSE!!! :love::love::love:

    I have this in both Rouge Theata and Magenta and the fit and size is so perfect... IMO! :flowers: :flowers: :flowers:
  11. I vote for the purse. Even though the first is my favorite style :love:, I'm not crazy about it in sapin for some reason. The purse, on the other hand, would look amazing in sapin IMHO. Plus, I'm a little concerned you might find the first too small as well.
  12. Ok, the First is out...I checked out that Sapin Box, so now that is a contender too.

    My heart is saying Weekender. I do have a lot of medium size bags already. The Purse will just be another to add in the rotation, whereas the Weekender will be used straight away.

    I do love my Blueberry Purse, but I always wish it had a strap. Then again, the Weekender doesn't have a strap either...

    My wallet is saying the Sapin Purse!:bagslap:
  13. I vote the Purse. I think the size is perfect, a pity it is a discontinued design.
  14. weekender!
  15. I voted weekender! I have a Sapin work, and leather that gorgeous deserves to be on a big, less structured bag. Imagine a big puddle of Sapin leather on the weekender. So, so yummy!