Which scarf/pointu/pochette are you wearing today?

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  1. RoseUSA

    Alphabet III seems to be less creepy when worn. It's also easy to wear in this "color".
    Alphabet III 1.jpg Alphabet III 2.jpg Alphabet III 3.jpg
  2. frittilaryB,

    beautiful GMs! The Tendresse Feline is so soft, and the Au fil I just love (twins, or , as I noted on the spring 2012 scarves post, perhaps quadruplets--it seems s number of us have gotten this colorway of that GM).


    lovely Carnaval!
  3. on to RED. My iphone keeps autoadjusting the colors, so the RED in this Tendresse Feline shows up more orangey. The main background color really is red red red. The vegetation is more burgundy, even though here it's what shows up as red.
    Tendresse Feline 1.jpg Tendresse Feline 2.jpg Tendresse Feline 3.jpg
  4. Darling Tango, thank you for organizing theme weeks and word processing. You are a Queen!:urock:
    Fritillary and Metz, I am dying laughing:lolots: at your hypothesis about the acting of birds. Yes, yes, that's the ticket. Honey, those aren't dead birds, they are just pretending...Lassie doesn't die, it's all pretend, no those horses falling off of the cliff are just "play-acting." I LOVE it! And Sweet Essie, it is a crazy hail, rain storm here in sunny California,:sunshine: but I went outside to take a picture of Phil, our pet Pheasant to honor you and your scarf. And then for anyone wondering what that big old turkey on the Turkey Scarf looked like before he got that big???--I literally bought two baby turkeys Saturday in honor of my Silkie-Scarfie friends, and the Texas Turkey Scarf! My dh just shook his head. They are in an aquarium in my service porch until I figure something out... If you have never seen a baby turkey, this is Gobble. His brother's name is Gobble too! Pets. So happy. :party:
    Scarfaddict-your post is lovely. I really think a hint of the color in the scarf that accents a solid background is sublime; the red hint in scarf with the red sweater.... I haven't mastered that yet since my wardrobe is black, blacker and blackest.
    Fritillary, I am so excited for you with your new shawls. What fun. So lovely--especiallly to me, the Au fil du Carre.
    Ladybaga-honey I am so sorry you are ill and I would happily sit in a room with you, coughing and scarfing and admiring your Goldie Birkin. Sorry my dear Scarfie!
    Pongo-don't you think twice about posting your red scarf, again. After 20 times, then maybe you can slow down...:hugs:
    pheasant 002.JPG pheasant 007.JPG
  5. Perfect for red week! I tried this cw on a few weeks ago. I actually think it is the best cw of this shawl. Really stunning. It wouldn't fit with my wardrobe (or my complexion). I am gad we are cousins and twins!
  6. It's not creepy. Love the black and white.
  7. Thank you for modeling this stunner. LOVE it so much!
  8. Beautiful red and my favorite animal kind, so lovely on you! I especially like the touch of blue bird accent!
  9. :lol: Get well dear Ladybaga given your sunny smile is the tonic for many of us!

    I've been thrown by the new thread: will try to finish off the scary goodies in an idle moment and, despite a hesitant start, last week has been the most entertaining to date on this thread (in my short lifespan anyhow)! Your Carneval is a surprise for as one of your scarves: I think of you as an autumn hued girl so even more delightful to have this iconic design modelled on you.

    Pleased to hear that everyone had a marvellous time in London: do keep posting the pictures of your meet acquisitions - Scarfie, I can't believe you didn't scoop something up? Show and tell!!!!

    You know my esteem for this ExLenK in this colourway:ghi5:: I would never have termed it red, fancy that, it is for me one of my blues - but it looks undoubtedly splendid on your red sweater.

    As one who hasn't ever dipped a toe in the GM waters, I shall look forward to hearing your experiences, fritillaryB, with your two beautiful shawls: you've chosen so well in terms of contrasting colours and design.

    The fear of snagging/bobbling/dipping into the soup still constricts my purse strings!
  10. Very pleased to see this modelled on you! Although I consider the animals more whimsical than scary, it is delightful tied and, as you say, a complete b/w neutral for the wardrobe.
  11. After your Alphabet, now this.....! I know you've shown us this GM hitherto but the power to wow is undimmed. Sublime!

    There's been a discussion in the recently closed What scarf are you wearing thread about the nature of reds - given that theoretically there's a shade of every colour that will suit everyone - as some complexions come alive in blue reds, others in orange reds or burgundy reds and so on. So I noted with interest how your colour adjustment is struggling with the blue-redness of the whole and this raises the desirability bar of this Tendresse Feline even higher for me: I love, love this kind of red. Additionally, the touches of blue, as Rose USA comments, within the colour palette here are masterful.
  12. Sparklelisab, or shouldn't that be Dr Doolittle?

    Your menagerie grows apace - perhaps to keep up with the rate of scarf acquisitions? ;)

    Illustration courtesy of http://gutenberg.net.au/ebooks07/0700781h.html
  13. I confess I am disbelieving at how few red scarves I possess as red is a colour I adore: it must be the tone factor discussed earlier as my red has to be completely non-orange.

    So this Printemps Ete 69, one of my early 70cm carres, was sought specifically for its size and colour and is the only red I have, sadly. MT's shawl ring is put to extended duty on this one which confers maximum length and a drape suited to its relaxed texture thereby defying claims that 70cms aren't as versatile as their larger and more popular 90cm siblings!

    I'm still looking for red scarves that work for me - an elusive quest! Meanwhile, I continue to experiment with red lipstick ......:kiss:
    2 printemps l'ete1.jpg
  14. Hello Everyone!
    i know i am quite late with tis one... but i am new to this thread and had some "catching up" to do... and after reading this post from TangoTosca, i just HAD to post this pics!

    Quote :
    "Alright... you want scary scarves? Try these on for size...

    Nothing like dead stuff hanging around your neck... I don't care how pretty it ties "
    end of quote

    i just absolutely adore this scarf! =)
    a wonderful spring week to all!

    ps. dont be scared by the beard!... lol:graucho:

  15. Finally I can not only participate, but also go along with the theme.
    As much as I love my Poneys de Polo, the flies usually accompanying the horses are not pictured on the scarf, so that one didn't count. :amuse:

    Anyway, still fond of the new (to me) knot - medium loose cowboy, tied in the back and the triangle twisted once; and wore my Coupons Indiens this way last Saturday.
    Looks like I can finally wear my (90)silks in the :sunshine: as well! :happydance:
    P1140181.jpg P1080934.jpg P1080949.jpg P1140180.jpg
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