Which scarf for my damier speedy?

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  1. My damier speedy 25 is on it's way to me!! :yahoo: I was supposed to buy it by December (present to myself), but then since the news of price hike, I decided to go ahead and buy it now. :wlae:

    Today I also ordered a purseket, which should arrive shortly after my speedy. I even have an MJ zip clutch on it's way also! :nuts: Im on a roll here people! Please stop me, oh please do.. :Push:

    Anyways, Im thinking of accessorizing her with a scarf.. now I'm getting a bit cheap here, so here are my choices:

    Emilio Pucci*-* Printed Scarf*-* Neiman Marcus



    * i dont know if this would be tacky, if i put a coach scarf on an LV (no offense, just thinking out loud? :amuse:)


    Help me ladies (and gents). TIA :flowers:
  2. What about a groom bandeau? :graucho: I think it's only about $110 or so. (my second choice would be the Pucci)
  3. do they still have the bandeu? i thought it was sold out already. i didn't see it at elux..
  4. Congrats on your Speedy! :yahoo: I'll choose the first one over the two because of the brown hue. But if you can get a Groom bandeau that'll be great too :yes:
  5. ITA Lee:smile:
  6. 0o0o congrats on your speedy! i totally think this bag is SUPER cute! i would go for the PUCCI scarf but if you can find a groom bandeau that would be perfect.
  7. Both look cute, but I would choose the first one.
  8. emilio pucci!! i love the scarf!
  9. I love the pucci!
  10. heh i vote for the coach! but i say the groom bandeau too!!!
  11. i love the coach legacy stripey one but the bandeau version..

    i saw it on eBay and i think it looks cute yet colorful :love:
  12. I prefer the coach scarf!
  13. I like the Pucci scarf! Or if you up your budget to $100, you could get an Hermes pocket square! :graucho:
  14. i think the coach would be better then the groom bandeau..It might have "too much print" look with the pucci.
  15. I love the Pucci!
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