Which one would you let go of?

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  1. Hey everyone,

    So since I have been busy expanding my Chanel collection I have been narrowing down the other stuff too! Now my question is which one would you let go of? Between Watercolor Speedy 30, Gold Miroir Papillion or Motard biker?

    honestly all of them are being neglected :cry:
  2. Keep the Watercolor and the Motard!!!!!
  3. ^Thats what I was thinking too!
  4. get rid of the Gold Miroir Papillion
  5. Pap & watercolore:smile:
  6. Probably the Papillon
  7. The Watercolour Speedy, it is not as special as the Biker and the Papillion.
  8. If you only need to get rid of 1 then the Gold Mirror Papillon. If 2 then the Motard as well.
  9. Just a gentle reminder to all posters - there is no buying or selling on this board. Please let me know if you receive any PMs, OP ! :yes:

    And these were my thoughts exactly ! ;)
  10. I'd get rid of the Papillon, but definitely NOT the Motard!
  11. Gold Miroir Papillion needs to go imo
  12. ita
  13. agree with the above
  14. I say get rid of the papillon.
  15. I would give the pap a new home.