Which one would you let go of?

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  1. I love the miroir, but I don't like the shape of the papillon. I'd get rid of that one! Good luck!
  2. Papillion
  3. get rid of the Mirror Papillion!
  4. Keep the WC -- it's gorgeous! Get rid of the Papillon -- and the Motard if you're not using it.
  5. papillon. def keep your motard!!
  6. bye bye pap!!!!!!!!lol i am not a fan...
  7. pap...
  8. another vote for pap
  9. Get rid of the papillon
  10. the papillon.
  11. Get rid of the miroir papillon.
  12. I agree!
  13. I would get rid of the Gold Miroir Papillion.
  14. keep the motard and the watercolour
  15. Let the pap go...