Which one should I keep??? Help!

  1. :sweatdrop: Girls, I am having the hardest time deciding which size to keep so I really need your help. For me the larger size is a bit more practical, but I just can't stop loving the smaller one.. Help!!!! Please!!!!
    Chloe 1.jpg Chloe 2.jpg Chloe 3.jpg
  2. I vote for the smaller one, its adorable.
  3. Wow - what color are those!? They are both lovely.

    Do you have another medium chloe satchel?
    Because you need at least one.
    But if you already have a satchel - keep the baby!
  4. I have to vote for the medium satchel! It is so functional for everyday, and still wearable at night! But if you already have one, I would keep the baby like bellacherie suggested! They are both gorgeous, so you can't go wrong!
  5. I don't have any chloe's...this will be my first. i got the medium off the Neiman Marcus sale so I'm tempted to keep that one just because I got it 30% off!....ack what a decision. Keep the opinions coming! Oh, and they are both argent...
  6. In that case keep them BOTH. Lol.

    But the larger one is more practical in that you can sling it over your shoulder and put heaps more in it.

    I think long term, larger is the better move.

    For some reason I thought argent was silver - must be losing my mind.
  7. The smaller of the two!
  8. i think the older argents were more silvery but the 07 argent is much more of a taupey browish metallic. I do adore this color!!!
  9. i have an argent baby paddy and i LOVE it. for me the regular paddy is too big - i'm not one of those people that carries their life in their purse. plus, the baby paddy is perfect for going out at night.

    also, i've never seen another person with the argent baby paddy, so that's a plus.
  10. Keep the one you will get most use out of. If you carry alot of stuff, get the larger one.
  11. Aw this is so hard! Keep both? Or return either size and get it in another colour?? If not then you should keep the bag you truly love!
  12. I vote for the regular paddy. That color is gorgeous.
  13. Medium satchel!
  14. The color is really awesome.

    I vote for the mini :love:
  15. I vote for keeping the Medium Satchel. I always feel that the lock is too big on the smaller one.