which one is cutter? MC wapity or MC pouchette?

  1. [​IMG]
  2. I LOVE both but I prefer the pouchette as a "bag". My cell would never fit in the wappity!
  3. They are both SO cute! I agree if I had to choose I'd get the pochette.
  4. Wapity IS cuter but pochette is more practical and pretty too! :yes:
  5. it depends on what you want it for. if you want a bag, then the Pochette would make more sense. if it's just an accessory case, then the Wapity would be cute.
  6. I think the wapity is the cutest, but pochette is probably more practical as an actual bag ! :yes:
  7. thank you for your girls reply, i want a bag, i think i will choose the pouchette

    hi yeuxhonnetes vbmenu_register("postmenu_1164638", true); , do you have white MC pouchette?

    i saw a lot beautiful pictures of you carrying all kinds of bags, do you the picture of carrying white MC pouchette?

    thank you!
  8. yes i have the white Multicolore Pochette. i'll take pictures of it and post them up :flowers:
  9. it's great, i am looking forward :yes:

    do you have black MC pouchette?
  10. ick, no :blah:. i only like the Multicolore line in white because the black is so fluorescent that it looks tacky to me
    pochette accessoires 001.jpg pochette accessoires 002.jpg
  11. That puochette is fabulous! I love it!
  12. ITA
  13. The wapity is the cutest.:upsidedown: But it all depends how much you want to carry, for more room the pouchette would be better.
  14. thank you so much girl!

    looks very pretty! :yahoo:
  15. I say the pochette!
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