Which one do you love more: Jewelry or Bags?

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  1. I have loved bags (travel bags/handbags/pouches etc.) since I was a little girl so I do think that I am more of a handbag gal at heart and I thought that I would just have a core jewelry collection with only a few pieces BUT in the last few years I have started to turn more into a jewelry gal. I think this is in part due to me refining what I really like in a handbag and learning not going off script with new purchases after a costly learning curve. VCA most certainly has stolen my heart as of late.
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  2. What is the beaded bracelet? Is it Karen lazar?
  3. For me the order is jewelry, shoes and then bags.
    I use and love my jewelry more. I can't carry expensive bags to work since I carry a lot of stuff and that restricts my bag usage to weekends.
    Another main reason for me not buying so many bags is I get bored with them so easily - be it classics or trendy bags.
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    I have always loved bags since my teens. But the enjoyment is short lived. I get bored of bags really quickly. And I hate any kind of damage. And I work so most of the day my bag is in a closed shelf. About 7 years ago I found jewelry, which I discovered that I loved. I worked on my basic diamond pieces, ering, studs, bracelet, pendant and then am moving onto designer pieces to round out my collection. I don’t get bored of my pieces, make the effort to rotate through them each day and wear them without worrying about damaging them. I get so much joy out of seeing my pieces actually on me. So I’ve tried to get as excited about bags as bling but so far it’s not happening. However I’ll keep an eye out for anything that may change my mind.
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  5. I bought it from Cerrone, which is a jeweller here in Australia. I had to get it special ordered from Italy as they only had the 18k white gold on the website: https://www.cerrone.com.au/bracelets/white-gold-ball-bracelet/

    Last time I checked, they ordered a few extra in 18k yellow gold and I saw the 18k rose gold on display too.
  6. Thanks, it looks great
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    Scarves....then I suppose I have better luck with long term keepers and remembering to rotate with bags (H). For jewelry, I tend to only wear my e-ring and rarely remember to put other rings on other fingers, so I am in the process of condensing that down to just a few very nice things that I will have more chance to wear regularly. I do have myself trained in to wearing a variety of bracelets, and I do love earrings so those see a lot of rotation also so jewelry and bags might be equal in that sense and that I have placed a limit on both of them to strictly what will get regular usage though they are both below scarves.

  8. I was guessing vca perlee bracelet. It’s very similar. It’s pretty.

    I’d choose jewelry. I once took out a 10 year old Dior bag and it had dry rotted .
    I never carried it. After that DH said he’d buy me jewelry over bags. He kepted his word. I have 2 pairs of vca pave ear clips but no birkin. He said no no no, never. Would never pay that much for leather. Maybe for our 15yr anniv I can convince him.

    With that said, I still average out 1-2 bags per year
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  9. Jewellery hands down for me.
    I only buy handbags every now and then. I only buy ones specifically for events to wear them too as well. I try and get second hand for bags.
    For jewellery I try to get second hand, but I also get custom made and designer stuff as well. my hubby is also the biggest enabler when it comes to jewellery hahaha!
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  10. Everything!
    Jewelry, bags, scarves ,shoes.
    I feel it it takes all to be well put together.
    But out of all those, I regret buying too much jewelry and bags. A few good pieces to rotate are enough.
  11. I used to buy only bags.
    Now I buy only fine jewelry!!!!!
  12. Depends on what crosses my radar at any given moment. However, given my age, I lean more toward purses that hold their value. I have to really love a piece of jewelry to be willing to give up half its resale value as soon as I walk out the door.
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  13. Bags... I just bought 3 fine jewelry pieces and I think I’m done for now... but the chase for the perfect bag to add in my collection is forever exciting. Probably the thrill of waiting and getting the call adds to the appeal; in jewelry they’re readily available.
  14. I buy two bags per year and jewelry for every occasions, birthday, Christmas, anniversary, Monday you name it!
    I can’t resist jewelry.
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  15. I love both, but my jewelry has more sentimental value. Nothing catches my attention more than a beautiful sparkly piece of bling :love:
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