Which one do you love more: Jewelry or Bags?

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  1. This is a timely question! I've spent the last 10 years building my designer bag collection, but suddenly after my most recent acquisition, a Lady Dior, I found myself feeling very content with my collection. I made the conscious decision to pivot toward building my fine jewelry collection, and I'm not regretting it at all! My first purchase will be a VCA necklace in a couple of months.
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  2. Jewelry! I avoid trendy bags that become dated after a few years, leaving me with just classic styles as options, which is not super exciting. Plus, I have all the bags that I need, so no urge to shop for more. Jewelry lasts longer, and you can mix and match and wear multiple things at once.
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  3. I need jewellery, costume or fine to finish an outfit hence both just are as important so I can't choose :whut:

    I definitely buy bags more than jewellery but fine jewellery takes a long time to collect because of the cost and also I "want" white gold and yellow gold variations of the pieces I love. Besides a few pieces that I have not worn in years, I have kept all my jewellery whereas I have re-homed many many bags.
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  4. Bags!
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  5. Jewelry, hands down! It always brightens up my day to see a little bling in the mirror. And the pieces that are handed down, bought on trips or to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, or other milestones have such happy memories attached to them.
  6. I am content with the jewelry I own. My bag collection on the other hand is still a work in progress. I prefer to have a small collection of classic bags but got a little side-tracked by some trendier pieces. Still, I like and use everything I own, and have a fairly clear idea of what I need to be adding to my collection in the months ahead, so it is all good.
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  7. Great question as I've been considering this lately. I love bags and have amassed a collection that I will probably not all carry/wear :lol:

    I've always loved jewelry especially the sparkly kind and have decided to focus my monies on jewelry going forward as I can and do wear my jewelry but how many bags can I carry at once? :giggle:
  8. I’m loving jewelry more and more. I have a good number of bags and am satisfied with that aspect of my wardrobe, and I love that jewelry is small (easy storage), easy to mix and match, and sparkly . I also like to buy jewelry to mark special occasions in my life, or on trips as souvenirs.
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  9. I definitely love jewelry more. I’ve collected a few custom made pieces at this point and also I’m majoring in jewelry design, goldsmithing, and gemology in college right now so I’m definitely biased lol
  10. That’s a tough question! I guess if I had to choose I’d choose jewelry. You can’t wear bags ALL the time, lol. My connection to jewelry is stronger because I make it as well!
  11. definitely bags for me....
  12. Jewelry
  13. Although I did purchase two bags this year (Chanel Mini Rectangular and LV PM in Noir), I went absolutely crazy over jewellery this year.

    In this photo, I've included all my 2019 purchases (except the Love bracelet, which is 10 years old) with the VCA pendant being the one to start my obsession with jewellery all over again. Then I became obsessed with wrist stacks...


    I'm getting a piercing done this Friday which means I will be buying a diamond huggie in WG for my left upper lobe, plus I have a 0.40ct diamond pendant on hold for me which I will also purchase later this year to stack with my Alhambra.

    But otherwise, nothing else is grabbing my attention, except thinking about saving up for an extravagant piece for a milestone birthday in 5 years, perhaps the VCA guilloche pendant and bracelet or an 18k YG watch... but it's still early days and I'm not sure what I want yet. Otherwise, I'm taking a break from jewellery and bags in 2020 (except maybe look for a work bag that badly needs to be replaced) as I want to focus on travelling again. That combined with having purse peace (minus the work bag) and feeling like my jewellery collection is almost complete.
  14. Much as I love bags, jewellery is my first love!
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  15. I am very content with the bags I own at the moment, and it doesn’t hurt that I’m not drawn to any new styles at any of my go-to brands I gravitate towards. I’m a shoe fanatic and lately I’ve purchased more designer footwear vs bags. Right now, I’m more interested in jewelry and travel vs bags.