Which one do you love more: Jewelry or Bags?

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  1. I’ve been a huge bag lover for the past 20 years. However, now I’m totally obsessed with fine jewelry and wish I spent my money more on developing a fine jewelry collection than designer bags. I know we are on the Purse Forum, but which one do you love more and are more likely to buy: jewelry or bags? Why?
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  2. I've been a bag lover all my life and finding that I don't want to spend more on bags unless I sell to purchase. I am leaning towards jewelry. I like all types and not fixated on the big names: Tiffany, Cartier and VCA. My next piece will be from VCA and it was years of wanting a JUC and T bracelet. The key is try try on several pieces and do your research before purchase. For example, there are tons of pro's and cons videos on the LOVE bracelet.
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  3. I love both but have been buying solely jewellery for quite a while. I just bought my first bag in nearly a year though and am loving it, so all could change!

    I feel like I have ticked off the core pieces in my jewellery collection that I had aspired to own (diamond eternity ring in both white and yellow gold with a decent carat weight and excellent specs, diamond tennis bracelet and Love bracelet), along with some other interchangeable pieces (drop earrings and right hand rings) and now I might focus on buying a couple of bags I have my eye on. I normally sell to buy though so need to re-evaluate what I already have and then decide what to move on.
  4. Bags.
    I stopped buying jewelry as I forget to wear it :sad:
  5. As much as love both, I've definitely bought more jewelry than bags in my lifetime.
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  6. My problem is my jewelry wishlist seems never ending . But I have told myself that four more should be the limit.
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  7. Ditto this.
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  8. Although I love them I rarely buy bags. I am a little clumsy and am afraid that I will ruin them. Jewelry, on the other hand, is my thing! I love all things that sparkle!
  9. Of course bags, see my carryon shoulder handbag with tassels:heart:

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  10. Jewelry!
  11. Bags...❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  12. Jewelry! I love purses but can’t bring myself to have more than 10 (minus a work bag). Jewelry though? Keep it coming!
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  13. I’ve spent the last few years acquiring bags and now that I have more 5an enough I am turning my focus to jewelry.
  14. Yes! I find myself getting more joy out of wearing my jewelry than my bags these days. I have more than enough, plus you can wear only one bag at a time (or two max). Jewelry you can wear all the time, everyday, and more than one piece at a time.
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  15. I've always loved bag & shoes but I find myself spending my money on fine jewelry in the past few years. So...jewelry is my preferred love.