Which MK Bag Do You Carry Most Often, Which Least Often?

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  1. That's what I thought as well, I knew there was a physical difference but upon seeing the dimensions I didn't think it would be that significant! I agree though, the Large can get heavy when it's filled up and although I appreciate the structured handles I find that it can get painful to carry.
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  2. I didn't find the heaviness the biggest issue with between the medium and large Selmas. The large one held more which I liked, but I find when i go to out with a few friends, the large bag always was "in the way" somehow - if it had it on the shoulder strap, the bag would always hit someone when they walked beside me, so I always had to hang out on the end of the group of people.
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  3. I use my Suttons and Carine chain shoulder bag the most often, they are so versatile and easy to carry, plus they are just the right size, not too big nor too small. I use my Hamiltons the least as they can be quite heavy, but still love them!
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  4. Love the color my favorite one
  5. Which one? :smile:
  6. To me looks purple the first one it's stunning
  7. Yes, the Grape is my fave too! Thanks :smile:
  8. My large Hamilton totes can get heavy, too. Although, with the shoulder strap, they're very comfortable. I carry them with the shoulder strap more often than by hand. I will never part with my Hamiltons. They are a necessity when I need a dressy work tote.
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  9. My least bag is the studded backpack....as much as I love the look and color I just can't wear it more than a couple days. Or dare take it out to concerts like I planned to when I bought it. I just feel like this would be the easiest pick pocket bag ever (wearing a backpack).....

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  10. Its sooooo beautiful though!! Thats a really good point about the pickpocketing, i had been thinking about a cute backpack. :sad:
  11. Hands down, the two I use the most are my Greenwich bags. The saffiano used on this line is different than the regular saffiano. It is much more pliable and doesn't show bends and dents like my other two saffiano bags. I have the large Greenwich Grab bag in Dusty Rose and the medium drawstring in Optic White. I absolutely LOVE both of these bags so much!
    dusty.jpg optic.jpg
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  12. Least often is my Large Jet Set Travel Tote in Palm Green. Love the color, but the size of the bag, and it being so structured makes it cumbersome at times to use. Plus, the saffiano leather gets dents in it, which drives me bonkers, especially since my Greenwich bags don't do that, so nothing compares to that line anymore in saffiano.
    I had to find a photo online of the one I have:
  13. I did not know the Dusty Rose color came in the Greenwich. Looks fantastic!