Which MK Bag Do You Carry Most Often, Which Least Often?

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  1. #1 Sep 11, 2016
    Last edited: Sep 11, 2016
    This can be different than what is your favorite and least favorite bag. What are the bags you find yourself reaching for most often and least often? And were you surprised by this fact?

    I have 3 in each category

    In my case, hands down I carry this bag most often, the Grape Selma. I carry it weekly and if I could only keep one MK bag this would be it for me. In fact it is my favorite bag of all the various brands I have period. The color is amazing and I get so many compliments on it
    Grape Selma.JPG

    Next would be Tile Selma. I had something bad happen to me while carrying this bag and wanted to sell it because of association, but I carry it so often, I could not part with it. I am a pink/purple gal so surprised this is in the top 3

    Tile Selma.jpg

    Nest I carry my Merlot Sutton. I carry sometimes in spring/summer but mostly in the fall/winter, but during that season, I am reaching for this bag all the time. I have a Dusty Rose Sutton I like better, but I carry this more often

    Merlot Sutton.JPG

    Now for LEAST OFTEN. Luggage Studded Jet Set Tote in small. Again it is because I have mainly a pink/purple wardrobe. Love the bag though. The studs add a nice pop to this neutral. My Mom is always asking for me to give her this bag, so I may not have it much longer :smile:

    Luggage Studded JetSet.JPG

    Also least often is the Red Croc Dillon, love the bag, HAD to have it, but I don't wear red often. But always wanted a red croc bag so I don't think could part with it

    Red Croc Dillon.jpg

    Lastly this bag is ironically one of my favorite bags and I would never sell it. But I find I don't carry it much as it more of an evening or dressy bag. My dept store exclusive Fuchsia Studded Jeweled Selma
    Fuchsia Selma.jpg
  2. Ladies you can just add your list without pics, you must a bag or two you carry most often and some least often in your collection? I just added pics for eye candy :smile:
  3. I only have one MK, and I carry it every day as I need to bring my laptop and other docs. I bought this MK jetset tote at a huge discount, and because I really needed a big bag that could carry my laptop, and look like a normal purse too (and not like a briefcase). I really like my one and only MK, and might purchase another jetset tote in a different colour! It's still true, however, that I do not reach anymore for my other bags (non-MK), even though I would like to IMG_1473731383.445781.jpg
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  4. I really like the idea of this thread! I am always fascinated with bags people choose to carry the most and it is interesting that it may not be your favourite!! My N/S red croc Dillon is a beautiful bag but I don't carry it that often, my medium navy Selma is my most used bag in Winter but I also really love that bag! My chilli Cindy cross body is another Winter staple. My Summer most used bags are tile blue medium Selma and mandarin Sutton, my favourite is my large ecru and python Riley but it doesn't get much use (I tend to choose smaller bags that can also be hands free in Summer). I'm looking forward to getting my merlot Hamilton traveller and walnut (or was it acorn) Collins stud out in the next few weeks!
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  5. #5 Sep 13, 2016
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    By far, my most used MK bags are my large Selmas. I have five of them (from left to right) in 1) sapphire, 2) malachite, 3) heather grey, 4) dark dune, and 5) luggage. I use malachite and heather grey in the fall/winter months. I use luggage year round. I just purchased dark dune, so haven't fully added it to the rotation, but suspect I'll be using it year round, as well.

    MK Selma Collection Five Bags 006.JPG

    My least used Selma is my sapphire one. Sapphire was the first and original color that I saw on the Selma that I fell in love with. It ended up being my third Selma bag purchase after luggage and malachite because I knew I wouldn't use it as much as the other colors. It's the most beautiful cobalt blue and looks fabulous against black and white. I tend to use it as my "pop" of color bag depending on my outfit.

    MK Sapphire Selma & Mirandas 003.JPG

    Another MK bag I don't use as much as I should is my large navy/white/luggage color block Sutton. The colors go so well together, but I tend to only pull it out in the spring/summer and for vacation travel. I love it so much that I don't think I'll ever part with it, though. It's one of those bags I pull out of my closet and can just stare at for minutes on end.

    Sutton & Selma 035.JPG

    Finally, one MK bag that's fast becoming one of my most used is my dark dune n/s Izzy tote. It's very functional and the 10 inch strap drop is absolutely perfect for shoulder carry. It's made of a soft pebbled leather, dark dune works as a year round color, the internal pouch can be detached and used as a clutch, and it's reversible (black on reverse). There isn't anything negative I can say about it.

    MK Izzy Tote 006.JPG

    My large Miranda and Hamilton totes get their fair share of use but aren't my most or least used bags. My Berkleys are evening clutches/bags, so get used less often, in general.
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  6. I love your Selma collection! I can tell from here and your other posts that you tend to gravitate towards warm neutrals so it would make sense that you wouldn't carry the Sapphire as often. I love the color too! The Sutton looks very nautical, great for summer. I a lot of us have those "can't part with, take out of the closet to look at" bags :smile: The Izzy is pretty, so nice to see the soft leathers
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  7. I think it was Acorn. I not sure though! Very pretty regardless. Merlot is such a great color too
  8. That is the perfect bag to own for a single MK, neutral and extremely functional and versatile
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  9. Hey ladies! Been a while since I last posted as its been a crazy busy summer but have been dipping in and out of tpf, catching up.

    My most used MKs over the summer are still my Blush Medium Selma satchel and Blush studded Selma messenger. Satchel comes to work with me and been changing out to the messenger with my Ted Baker mini wallet for the weekends. I'm probably going to change over to Dark Dune Selma next week as the very hot weather we have now probably won't last much longer.

    Least used MK.... Either my Pale Pink jet set travel crossbody or large Selma in Dark Khaki. Just don't find myself reaching for them, such a shame. Will maybe use Dark Khaki in the winter for work with my Dark Khaki boots. I find Dark Dune goes with more in my wardrobe and the large Selma is a bit too large for my needs.
  10. My most used was my Jet Set Tote during my first year of university. It was organized but also able to carry everything I could need especially on longer days or days where I'd work or other plans before/after class. Surprisingly my satchels (Selmas and Hamiltons) were my least used because I eventually realized there were things I didn't need with me and I was able to downsize to cross-body bags. I got frequent use out of my Jet Set Crossbody and Medium Selma Messenger which I used a lot for running errands or quick trips to the mall.
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  11. My most carried bag is the Large Selma. I have 7....Navy, Sapphire, Aquamarine, Malachite, Dark Dune, Black Grommet, Grey Croc Embossed with the Grey Croc Embossed the least carried because, to me, it's more of a winter bag. Of all my MK, the least carried bag I have is my Black Braided Grommet Satchel. I carried it a lot at first but I haven't had her out in over a year. I may have to take her out this weekend when DH & I go Jeeping on Saturday.
  12. I love all my Suttons I rotate them regularly. I use medium Suttons on daily basis, for the day I need to carry more I'll go with large Sutton or the multifunction totes. I use small Sutton on the weekend when I want to downsize.

    I find myself don't use any of my Selmas as much as I thought I would. I think I prefer bags with compartments rather than one open compartment. I'm thinking of selling all my Selma satchels and get the Savannah I feel bad just let them sit in the closet [emoji17]
  13. My most used bag is probably my large walnut Jamie crossbody. My least used is my Hamilton Traveler because it's black and I rarely use black bags. However, I love it and feel that I should have at least one black bag..... :smile:
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  14. My black medium Selma is my everyday bag, I Carry her to work almost everyday, unless I'm wearing something black will absolutely not work with.... I use my other bags to go out shopping/ out for dinner/ etc. But I find I don't use any of them nearly enough.:sad: my favourite ones seem to be the ones I use the least out of fear of ruining them or wearing them out. Selma crossbody would probably come as my second most used. perfect size for everything I need and not too heavy!
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  15. Yes I remember your beautiful Blush bags! Well the good news is if you decide to rehome the Dark Khaki Selma in favor of Dark Dune, I am sure it will move quickly since so many are in search ok the large size.
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