Which MK Bag Do You Carry Most Often, Which Least Often?

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  1. OMG you sound like me!! I wear black often too but always prefer colored bags over black
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  2. What an awesome Selma collection! I have a couple of Croc bags too....red and fuchsia in MK Dillons and pink and purple in Belen Echandia and Coach respectively and don't carry them with as much frequency

    I sooo wish they would bring Sutton back. I am not privy to sales figures for MK but it just does not seem, if going by this forum, that Savannah has resonated as much with buyers

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  3. I wish they'd bring back the Sutton too. I went to see the new plum bags in person. I did not like the Savannahs at all. The plum color is really nice. I will definitely be getting something in plum.... :smile:
  4. Goof point Melissa! I shall see how I roll into autumn with it but may well sell. Its a shame to be sitting in the wardrobe unused. My collection of medium Selmas are everything I need in a work bag!
  5. +1
    I don't carry black bags too often, either. I love color too much! :smile:
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  6. It seems like most Selma lovers are comfortable with the medium size. Good thing MK didn't discontinue that size. It seems to work for most people.
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  7. I think the exclusivity of the Large once it started to get discounted and phased out made it appealing and had people seeking for them. Also the Large isn't too much bigger than the Medium.
  8. Yes, I agree that the large from the outside view doesn't seem much bigger than the medium. But from the inside, the large is much bigger than the medium. It can hold a ton more stuff.
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  9. +1 Internally, there is a difference in size. The large does hold more than the medium. I'm pretty satisfied with my large Selmas. Unless I find a color I can't live without, I'm good with what I have.
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  10. I've only ever owned Large Selmas and the Medium Selma Messenger (smaller than both the medium and large Selma satchel). I thought the dimensions for the Large were 14" x 9" x 5" while the Medium is 13" x 8" x 4" which is a difference of an inch each way.
  11. I think you're close on the measurements. My large Selmas are 13 x 10 x 6. I don't know the measurements of the medium. I think there's about a 1 inch difference in the length/height/depth. But that slightly smaller exterior for the medium satchel still results in a massive difference in space on the interior of the bag. :smile:
  12. I just took the measurements from the website, I've never actually measured the inside but I agree the Large holds quite a lot. I'm just surprised that the difference between the two is that noticeable. I'll keep that in mind since my mum's birthday is coming up and she's in search of a merlot/wine coloured satchel.
  13. The 10 inch height includes the 1 inch lip above the zipper. So the actual interior height is 9 inches. Also, the 13 inch length doesn't include the wings. The interior box space on the large is 13 x 9 x 6 when measured as a rectangular box with the zipper unzipped and the wings flattened.
  14. I'll keep that in mind when searching for her birthday gift, right now she has my old Large Traveler and a Large Selma as well as random bags from Kate Spade and Tory Burch but she likes the interior (lining colour and pockets) of the MK bags.
  15. I always thought the Large and Medium Selma did not appear that different in size but thought the Large felt significantly heavier, but maybe that is just me :smile:
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