which miu miu do you like better?

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  1. i like these two, but can't decide....please help....tia!

    this one? or the bow satchel?
  2. I love the shape of this one but I also have the bow satchel so not much help I'm afraid as I like both
  3. Bow satchel! The older version.
  4. I originally bought the bag above in red from Net-a-Porter but felt it was too big and slouchy and returned it. I'm 5ft 11 and it looked a little big on me (and I love big bags, I have the patchwork miu miu tote that is pretty large)...

    I now got a bow bag in Alluminio and love it!
    I cannot wait to wear it....
  5. I like the Miu miu in the pic you posted. Bow satchel is gorgeous, but a LOT of people have it. If you want something unique, I suggest you get that. I saw the red and purple one in person and they were TDF. Beautiful and functional :tup:
  6. thanks ladies!
  7. I saw the bag you posted IRL and just like others have said, it is HUGE! I would go w/ the bow.
  8. I love the old bow!
  9. I have to vote for the MIU MIU BOW :woohoo:

    I absolutely love it. And I'm sure you might too :graucho:

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  10. Have to agree with the others - the black one you have pictured is HUGE! I think the bow satchel is the perfect size and much more interesting.
  11. I saw both IRL this morning at Neiman Marcus in Austin. I think the first one is too big. I held it and it was overwhelming, even though I am 5'7" and not a tiny gal. I like the new bow, but prefer the old bow. The new bow did seem kind of small. I saw it in a dusty pink and black.
  12. I hate to be the only one with this opinion, but I love the one above. I have it in grey, and it's awesome!! I am very used to big and slouchy bags, though! You probably can't go wrong with either! good luck!!
  13. i prefer the bow, it got more details, more interesting!
  14. I agree with the above poster...the bow is pretty small. I think it looks great on really petite people. I am 5ft 11 and I looked silly with the bow! The one in the pic was too big on me though (and I usually wear pretty big bags and have the Nappa Patch Tote which is large)....

    Ha, I was a lot of help wasn't I?
  15. i just started becoming interested in miu miu bags and i have to say, tpf has totally made me fall in love with the coffer and the bow!! i'd definitely go for the bow.