Which MAM...Ruby or Tangerine?


Which color MAM...Ruby or Tangerine?

  1. Ruby

  2. Tangerine

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  1. I can only afford to get one RM MAM....I think I'll go for a colorful spring/summer one...so, which one should I get? I have to decide now to get in on a preorder
  2. I voted for ruby. I have nothing against orange, but I think I like the shape of the bag better in red.
  3. I vote for orange! You can always find a red bag, but a really great orange bag is harder to find.
  4. I voted for tangerine and completely agree with what daniela said. A beautiful orange bag is hard to find!
  5. I am new to the PF! :smile:

    I have never actually posted a reply but I fell in love with the Ruby MAM so I figured I should stop lurking and respond to this post! I think the Ruby color is one of the best reds I have ever seen in a bag. It screams Spring/Summer to me!
  6. I voted for tangerine because it looks and sounds SO yummy, it just SCREAMS summer! and like daniela said, you can always find another red bag anytime, anywhere :]
  7. Yep....Tangerine gets my vote because of the uniqueness of the color. I think this is one of RM's bags that will be talked about for years to come.
  8. ok, I was leaning towards the tangerine anyway ;)
    Now, does anyone have a link to the preorder on label360?
  9. just go on their website and click on their livechat button :]
  10. I did that earlier....but maybe they werent open yet..are they in CA?
  11. i agre with contesa, love the uniqueness of the color, indeed!
    when i first saw the VH pic post, i instantly said, 'ooooooooooh, thats a pretty color!' then i looked down at the caption and to find that its a new color! mmhmm! :tup:
  12. Ruby, I would have a harder time coordinating tangerine with my wardrobe. :smile: But I am very picky about my red bags so I need to see the color in person. :smile:
  13. I voted Ruby because an orange bag would go as well with my outfits as a tan one, but a red bag would be a really nice pop of colour.
  14. I gotta go with the tangerine, just because it's different! And I don't think it will be that hard to coordinate, while red is certainly more common I think you could work orange in just as easily.
  15. I voted Tangerine. I've never been one for anything in the orange-family, but this bag is stunning. I pre-ordered one, and as balihai said, I don't think it will be hard to coordinate with your wardrobe.