Which is your absolute favourite Chanel bag in your collection and why?

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  1. How are you liking your new tweed?? I wish I could work that into my wardrobe more - it's such a gorgeous bag!
  2. No matter what bag I buy, my favorite is still my grey lamb jumbo sf with Bijoux chain. She’s unique and relatively rare. Plus she goes with everything

    This bag is a stunner! I love how she changes tone depending on the lighting.

    I was so lucky to find her preloved after a long search.
    87D73166-E850-474C-856B-8F4966396167.jpeg 23CE1345-A43C-4315-AEF7-DCEA364811E8.jpeg
  3. Funny you mention it, the tweed was just delivered to me today. I wear a ton of black and blue jeans so I don’t anticipate it being too difficult to incorporate. It’s a versatile bag — you should have no problem as well. Go for it!!!
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  4. definitely considering it! Enjoy your bag!
  5. This is a hard question, I love all my bags for different reasons, but I think I would have to pick two out of my 12 as tops favorites;

    My medium classic flap in black lambskin and gold hardware, because to me, that is THE classic Chanel handbag. It is a beauty to behold. It is also my avatar on this forum for that reason. The luxurious look and feel of black lambskin against the gleam of gold hardware is just heavenly to me.

    But a recent challenger to the thrown is my small classic flap in blue iridescent caviar and champagne gold hardware that I purchased at 31 Rue Cambon last spring. It is unique and beautiful, and I will always remember stepping into the Coco Chanel’s flagship boutique for the first time. A very special memory, so I would never let this bag go either :biggrin:
    Pictures just cannot do this bag justice. You have to see it in person to appreciate the shifts of colors. It is spellbinding!

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  6. Beautiful!!
  7. My Chanel boy in new medium.

    It was my first Chanel bag and the one which started my addiction. Love it.

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  8. Yes!!! I searched for this bag for about 3 or 4 years until I found one! So gorgeous and rare. I love the chain! This bag just barely edges out my Blue Roi single flap maxi (which I also searched for for about 3-4 years!).
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  9. That is absolutely stunning. My first Chanel was a Reissue 227 with the Bijou chain and RHW. To this day, it remains my favorite. :smile:
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  10. Beautiful bag! I have long wanted this bag and never pulled the trigger. Enjoy!!!
    Yay!!!! Bag twins!!!
    And, I adore the blue roi sf! You are a lucky girl to have one. I wanted a jumbo but haven’t bought because I have a cobalt blue Miss Dior that I love. Seems we have similar taste. Whoop!!!
    Would love to see a photo, luv! The Bijou chains are simply, flipping amazing!!! If they brought them back, it’s one of the few things that would make me buy Chanel again.
  11. It’s so beautiful! What collection is this from?
  12. My all time favorite is my Chanel 50 th Anniversary bag , black in 228. I am so happy to own this incredible bag.

    Vielen Dank, Herr Karl!
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  13. Love it......timeless,
  14. my trusty 227 GHW reissue comes with me everywhere....
    -stay safe & healthy everyone-

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