Which is a better handbag - Coach or Juicy Couture?

  1. I need an everyday handbag that's not too expensive. Please let me know which style and brand you think is better:

    Juicy Couture Tinsley Leather Bag (first one) or Coach Slim Carly (second pic), both are the same size about 15 1/2 x 12. Please let me know you thoughts. Thanks!:flowers:

  2. I personally like the Juicy Couture Tinsley... only because it's not as popular (and seen everywhere) like the Coach Carly but is just as beautiful! I own a leather Juicy Couture Keri Lock hobo and LOVE IT!
  3. I think the JC is better looking.
  4. I think the Juicy one is cuter and more stylish.
  5. Maybe I'm the oddball, but I like the coach carly
  6. I like the JC a bit more but both are great looking bags!
  7. Neither are personally my style, but between the two I think the JC is the better choice! :smile:
  8. Of the two, I'd choose Coach. It's classic and will still be around in a few years. I tend to think of Juicy as more trendy.
  9. The Juicy Couture style is nice, but it definitely is a bit more "young" looking, so I think it depends how old you are.

    All in all though, I've heard bad things about Juicy Couture leather (from having seen worn in Juicy bags that my friends own). I'd personally go for the Coach if given a choice between the two.
  10. I'd go for the coach because it's more classic, unless you are looking for something trendier. Also as a past user of both Juicy and Coach, I found that the quality of coach is higher.
  11. COACH, definitely...a couple of years back i purchased a couple of juicy bags and they fell apart...purchased at bloomingdales...as a matter of fact, one of them was DELIVERED to me and when i took it out of the box, the chain handle just fell off...the carly is a great bag, very classic with a touch of fun hardware...just mho...
  12. Juicy has a little more style to it. I vote JC.
  13. Coach
  14. I would "invest" in the Coach...they never go out of style.....the JC is nice, but could you use it ten years later?
  15. JC! More updated & fresh line than Coach, IMO. Unless it's classic Chanel, LV or Hermes, I can't be that serious about purchasing a bag to forecast a bag's wearability 10 years later