Which H bag goes with the worst haircut ever...

  1. I never do this but I am so sad! I feel very shallow feeling this way but I just got the worst haircut in the world. Seriously, I look like a boy and it is going to take eons to grow out. Rockerchic is now Rockerchump...
    ARGGGG! I went to my same stylist and simply said, take a little off the ends, I like the shape but it is a bit too bushy and ended up with hair shorter than Mr. Rockers...plus it is all choppy and all my cowlicks are standing up.
    So my questions is (to make this Hermes related so that my two love, Jag and KB don't shut this right away), what bag should I carry to create a diversion from my head?
    Floopy or black box HAC?
    I am going to go cry now...:crybaby:
  2. ^^to make matters worse, I look horrible in a head scarf...
  3. cowboy hat?
  4. ^^not a hat girl either.:wtf::crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:
  5. me either.

    I am sure its not bad. maybe you can just style it differently?
  6. Ohhh, I feel for you RC---this has happened to me and my sister. My sister was a bit worse off than me....she went to a hair show and couldn't really control what the stylist was going to do. Let's just say when she was on stage, he started to say how he LOVED the 80's and was know for his mullets!!! And that is what she got---right before prom.

    Anyway, I say go chic and classic...black box HAC and TOTALLY ROCK THAT BABY!

  7. Oh, so sorry about the bad cut. Are you sure you cant wear a head scarf? That would be the perfect solution.

    I think a scarf, even worn at the neck wll create more of a diversion than a bag. A scarf will draw people's eye to it and hopefully they won't even see your hair cut.

    I love the look of a head scarf, though. Maybe give it another try.

  8. ^^Thanks Emanu for making me smile about the mullet!
    Maybe I'll just wear the hac on my head...
  9. Carry a floopy birkin and wear a turban......

    sorry 'bout the hair, RC! It'll grow fast. Maybe you can convince mr RC that another floopy birkin might make you feel better?
  10. you could do a twilly in your hair or a hairband? or become a hat girl for a few weeks and use the excuse to buy yourself an H hat! sorry hon, that is awful. but it will grow back :flowers:
  11. KG, I'll give the head scarf a shot...
    I just called my stylist and am going back at 7...I don't there is much she can do about how short my hair is but I think I'm going to try to get it alittle 'punky' and put some cool color in it...I might as well go all out crazy now...
  12. Hey, HAC on the head.....might start a new trend!! If anyone could pull it off it would be you!!! :heart:

  13. Aw . . sorry to hear about your "do err". We've all been there at one time or another! (Why is it that hairdressers do that from time to time?!?)
  14. Oh RC, I'm so sorry to hear this. That is just awful. I know how you feel. Regardless of your hair, you are STUNNING. You are always so sweet and so classy. If not a head scarf what about twilly as a headband? I love that look. You rock with whatever gorgeous bag you choose. I like the Black Box HAC.
  15. at least its not like this.