Which David Yurman ring to pick

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  1. #16 Feb 26, 2014
    Last edited: Feb 26, 2014
    Thank you for your opinion. Would also love to hear why you like the style No. 1 or 2.
  2. They are both beautiful, but I think #2 looks better on you. The first one seems to take up too much space on your finger, if you know what I mean!
  3. Both are quite lovely, but I prefer how the second one looks on your finger.
  4. I like the first one, it seems like it is more wearable. This will be a tough decision, because they are two very different rings!
  5. Thanks for everyone's direct response. Just want to give you update that I purchased the first ring and pictures are attached. The price is close to $980.

    Also what do you think the value/price of DY, based on it is mainly silver and/or a bit gold and diamond? Do you think it is worthy the price? Will you pay around $1000 to get a silver plus a bit diamond ring? Just a thought.

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  6. Go for the petite albion (the prasiolite one). That is the ultimate classic DY ring and is a great starter piece. If you are serious about DY, the albion is it. This is the smaller size. I have the 11mm and 14mm in the albion and I love them!

    I also really love the confetti ring too, but I think you should go with the albion first. I feel the albion is more of an everyday ring (I wear mine a few times a week) whereas the confetti isn't.
  7. Oops! I just saw your updated post and you got the confetti! Congrats! It is a nice ring. DY rings are very addicting! To answer your question, I think what you paid is fair. You are really paying for the name. I've paid more than $1k for my silver DY rings/bracelets and they are worth it in my opinion if you give it a lot of love.

    Btw - I love the shade of your nail polish! Where is it from?
  8. Thanks. As for petite albion prasiolite, I did have the necklace for a few years, and love the stone and design. But I don't like match the necklace to the ring, I went with Confetti ring which is the another design of DY I love.
  9. I see. I have the petite albion necklace too! I don't like matchy matchy either so I don't wear mine together either.

    You should check out the crossover and the X rings. Those are really pretty too.