Which David Yurman ring to pick

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  1. Hi all, can you tell me which ring is better for the visual and investment purpose as well? I love both of these two rings 1)Diamond & Silver Open cabe ring; 2) DY Prasiolite Diamond & Silver Ring.

    I have the second one in necklace a few years, and the necklace I like very much, however I am not big fan of matching jewelry. Also I always like the complicated confetti style ring but never had one before.

    I attach pictures of trying on here as well. Appreciate your opinion.:smile::graucho:

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  2. I think they are both lovely. For me personally though, I would go for the diamond and prasiolite. Quite lovely.
  3. Personally I prefer the first one.
  4. I prefer the diamond and prasiolite
  5. Thanks for quick reply. Now each one got a vote, would love to hear more comments and opinion, from different angles such as investment purpose...etc.:smile: Thank you.
  6. I am a fan of #2 I think it looks better on your finger
  7. I'm not sure what you by "investment" as jewelry in general shouldn't be bought for investment purposes. If you mean investment for longivity, it depends - both pieces I think could work for the long run - but my preference of the two is the second one. I also think it looks better on your finger.
  8. My personal style would be the first one so I choose that one.
  9. + 1
  10. I like how the second one looks on your finger.
  11. Both look great on you! The 1st one seems more casual and the 2nd one dressy. I don’t think you can go wrong with either one.
  12. Thanks. From the materials or diamond qty, obviously the 2nd one has more regular shape diamonds and gemstone. But the price of 1st one is higher than the 2nd one, any thoughts?

  13. When you first saw them what one did you like first? What one can you see yourself wearing everyday? For me, I would go with the 1st one only because as much as I love the 2nd one I know I wouldn't wear it as much as the 1st one (my style is casual ~ even at work).
  14. Both gorgeous but the first one has me heart
  15. I prefer the first one too!!