which color should I pick?

  1. I need help ladies...navy or ink med motorcycle balenciaga?
  2. ink
  3. ink :nuts: :love:
  4. ink!
  5. Ink
  6. Will ink match with black? I haven't seen the bag in person but I've heard so many people rave about the ink... What color does it mostly resemble because I'd like to see what else it can match with. Thanks!
  7. once i saw the ink IRL, i immediately fell in love with it:love: . definitely the ink.
  8. I did wear ink with black. The color seems to change a bit based on lighting...it can appear dark navy, a bit purple, blue/black, etc.
  9. INK! INK! INK! (he he he he!)
  10. Ink all the way. Here is mine:biggrin: :
    DSC03447.JPG DSC03450.JPG
    DSC03447.JPG DSC03450.JPG
  13. totally INK! :smile:
  14. InkCityoutside.jpg Inkcitysideviewoutside.jpg
  15. Ranskimmie and Et, thanks so much for the photos. Your ink bags are gorgeous and tdf! Is it hard to get ink? And fot those who have it, how is the leather since you all say its not as great...never have a bbag so I don't have a comparison. Thanks. Ps...we have so many ink fans hehehe...