Which color for Love Me/Belen Echandia

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Jun 8, 2007
I will just add that I'm the one with the Black Agra (matte leather), and, just my opinion, I think this bag looks fabulous in the darker colors. I was originally considering silver, but went with black and I'm glad I did ... I don't know, just something about its size and the hardware says "major bag" to me, and I think a color like petrol or gray might give it less pop. I think the Black Crash would be gorgeous.:tup:
Mar 17, 2007
black crash is more poppy. Dark grey seems more demure. I like them both so I'd have a hard time choosing but I think for a Bel I'd choose black crash and choose a dark gray in another brand.


Oct 4, 2006
Sydney, Australia
I have the Charm Me in Black Crash and it is beautiful. I love the crash leather and I wish it came in more colours. I love the Crash Pewter but it isn't me.

The crash leather is definitely smooshier than the other leathers BE uses. I've got 3 other BE bags and the crash is beautiful.

All 3 colours you are considering are beautiful (Petrol, grey and black crash) but I vote for the black crash.


Jun 25, 2007
I also have the pewter crash and I love it! To me, it's a pretty neutral mettalic and goes with everything. Good luck with your decision -- I bet the black crash is beautiful too!


May 1, 2006
I have the black crash and it's so beautiful. It's pretty hard and stiff in the beginning but after regular use (5 weeks) it slouches nicely and gets softer day by day.
Good to know about the slouching...I'll look forward to that. I'm not gentle with my bag because I am looking for it to slouch some more...that black crash is absolutely gorgeous for this bag. Love it!
Tanja, I got the black crash because of your fotos of your used black crash. Your fotos convinced me that the bag would get slouchy and easier to handle. This is the "go to" travel and work bag for me. Too big for weekend or around town use. I am loving it! Thanks for your fotos.


Oct 12, 2007
Can I ask where you got your black crash? I can't seem to locate one because they are sold out for this year..... I"m hoping they come back again after the holidays.