Which color for Love Me/Belen Echandia

  1. Okay, I have one bag being delivered next week and already I'm on to my next one. Does that happen here to anyone too?

    Anyway, my next bag looks like it will be the Love Me and the colors that I like are the Petrol, Black Crash and the pewter crash. I'm leaning toward the pewter with the silver hardware, but I would love everyone's comments on....... As always, this forum is such a big help especially when I'm unsure of color/styles etc....

    I'm a stay at home mom and tend to wear jeans/tees most days with all varied colors. I wear just about every color (blues, pinks, greys, reds) except that I find I don't wear black too often.

    I want a bag that gets noticed but will be neutral enough to fit into my casual lifestyle too. A handbag that looks awesome with sneakers or Uggs. LOL

  2. I am an ex-New Yorker, and I am receiving a LOVE ME in Black Crash...so I say: Black Crash. But that's just my opinion. For me, the only color is...black. Looks great with jeans and a t. Looks great for travel. You can't go wrong with black. Second choice is the petrol. That's a gorgeous color.
  3. And I just received my Love Me in Pewter crash with silver hardware - I absolutely love the bag, but I will say it's not a blend in to the crowd bag. For practicality I would say black will blend more...for bling and a certain feeling I vote go with Pewter...I'm loving the shine I've just added to life. You can see the bag here with jeans...I think it works!

  4. All the time!:yahoo:
  5. That looks great on you!
  6. Thanks so much for posting that picture of your handbag with jeans.... I think it looks gorgeous on you, but I agree that the black or petrol will blend better.

    Okay, so now I have it narrowed down to the black crash or the petrol... Hmmmm, choices, choices.....

    How do you like your Love Me? Is it lightweight?
  7. I love my Love Me..and I don't consider it very heavy but know that I began my journey on bags with a Marc Jacobs Blake which is VERY heavy...so I think my tolerance for weight has gone up. It's a big bag but sits really nicely on my shoulders so that helps with weight. I also like how it molds to the body. BTW I also have the petrol colour in the Indulge me bag and while I like it, Just my opinion, I think I'd prefer the Love Me in black...here's the petrol Indulge Me.

    bag 1.jpg
  8. You guys are great, My decision has been made, black crash it is. I don't think I can go wrong with that color especially since my wardrobe is so casual.....

    Can't wait to order one soon.....
  9. Yeah! Great choice...make sure you post pictures when you get it! Can't wait to see!
  10. Oops, I just saw a picture of the dark grey and I liked that too.

    So, now, it's between the dark grey (not pewter crash) or the black crash. I"m still leaning toward the black but the grey I think would be my second choice. Thoughts?
  11. SHC -- that has to be THE best modeling foto I've seen of the Love Me yet. The color looks amazing, the design of the bag looks lovely. This is a MAJOR handbag. Thank you for sharing!
  12. I'd go for the black because of the crash leather. The gray looks nice too - depends on your preference. I fell in love with the crash leather but you may prefer the leather on the gray...there's also a black agra leather that isn't crash - it's more matte..nice too. JRD has pictures of that one...if you search on her id you might find those
  13. If it helps your decision at all, I believe the black crash leather is smooshier than the gray leather, which is more structured (based on conversation with Cindy at Muse Ten). The gray may soften over time though...
  14. aaawww...that's nice.
  15. Wow, it definitely works. That is a great bag! :love: I'm off to find out more about it!