Which CLs with this dress?

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  1. Hallo,
    I have a high street short sleeve version of the dress in the picture. Which CLs would go best with the dress out of the following:-
    Black suede VPs 70mm
    Black kid Yoyo 85mm
    Teal pumps (Comedia)
    Simples 70mm purple patent


    Attached Files:

  2. Teal! It will give a little pop of color do the dress. Cute dress, BTW!
  3. I love the twist of teal with this colour :tup:
  4. def teal!
  5. Teal.
  6. Teal!! cute dress!
  7. Purple.
  8. I love the Teal idea best. If you're thinking more conservative I'd go with the Black Yoyo
  9. Teal or Purple
  10. I was also thinking like a burgundy or wine would look good too. If you're set on those I'd definitely go teal.
  11. Going against the majority, I pick purple.
  12. Oooh! I agree. I think a burgundy or wine would be AMAZING, and much sexier than the teal or purple.
  13. I'm thinking a patent burgundy new simple :tup:
  14. OOOH that would be PERFECT! Listen to shoeaddictklw, Mrs Peel, she knows her stuff!
  15. :graucho: