which cl bootie should i get?

  1. lets say I can only get one pair - i want to buy two more chanels before the end of the year and i don't think i have need for two pairs of similar booties this season...which would you get?

    the camel patent leather lapono loafer bootie:


    OR the petrol blue suede lapono loafer bootie:


    my "bottoms" wardrobe this f/w will consist of black mini wool skirts, dark denim, grey trouser pants, black trouser pants, black cropped trousers, dark grey washed wool/linen cropped trousers...at least thats what i will be pairing these shoes with! also- which looks better with black or grey tights?

    so what do you think? which look do you like better and which would go with my wardrobe?

  2. I PREFER the dark blue ones. I really really like those, and from my personal experience, sometimes dark jeans bleed onto lighter colored shoes.

    As well, with your darker wardrobe, you're going to have a better chance of wearing the darker blue shoes with your darker wardrobe.
  3. I like the blue ones best too. I think they'll go better with your winter wardrobe. Does it rain a lot in Iowa? If so, maybe you should go with something not suede for the winter.
  4. it will be a wet winter but i'm not going to be in iowa past january. however, i would likely be in dc afterwards and there it definitely rains a lot. the leather would absolutely be more practical...would you treat the suede with a water protector?
  5. I prefer the camel. But both are beautiful shoes.
  6. oooh, I love the blue ones!
  7. i actually wear brighter/lighter colors on top most of the time. i'm sort of leaning towards the camel just because they're patent leather (thus more durable) but the blue suede are so pretty! ahh, decisions!
  8. I prefer the first pair although both are gorgeous! Tough decision!
  9. I say camel. The petrol is gorgeous, but I think the camel will go with more in addition to being easier to care for.
  10. the camel, unless you wear alot of navy.

  11. I've tried both pair on. The camel are just leather - not patent leather. Warning - they are running EXTREMELY small. Several other women were trying them on when i was. We all had to go up 2 or 2.5 sizes!!!!
  12. the blue is better winter will be here befor you know it
  13. I would go for the Navy because of your wardrobe but I don't really like the suede material. If they had a black leather version that would be the best!
  14. they have a patent black version! but i already own a patent pair of booties so i didnt want to be redundant.
  15. thanks for letting me know! i will go try them on before ordering...actually, the camel ones not being patent make them even more appealing!